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Rachel Johnson Gets Her Breasts Out Against Brexit

The naked Cambridge Professor’s protests against Brexit might not be doing much to actually stop Brexit, but they have inspired Rachel Johnson to strip off for a naked Brexit protest of her own on Sky’s The Pledge last night, much to the disbelief of her fellow presenters. Viewers will be thankful it wasn’t any of the other members of the Johnson family who got their kit off over Brexit…

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Naked Brexit Professor Got Publicly Naked Long Before Brexit

Dr Victoria Bateman has shot to political attention this week for her nude media appearances. She told Good Morning Britain this morning that she had given up on using words and now expressed herself using her body.

“As an economist I am used to using words and equations to make an argument, and in the run up to the referendum I must have penned thousands of words… but I also know… that I’m affected by much more than words alone, that there is a power in going beyond words.”

You might have got the impression that Brexit had driven her to strip off. In fact she has found many different excuses to appear naked in public over the years:

  • She herself commissioned and posed naked for a life size portrait to “raise questions” two years before Britain voted to leave the EU.
  • She walked in naked to a faculty dinner to defend prostitution.
  • She walked in naked to a meeting at the Faculty of Economics in protest against the results of the EU referendum.
  • She filmed a video naked to “promote economists taking feminism into account.”
  • She tweeted a video of herself naked to protest the immigration bill.
  • She filmed another naked video to stand up for women’s rights.
  • She delivered an hour long nude lecture against Brexit then asked the audience to sign her naked body.

Guido isn’t a trained psychiatrist, so will be going out on a bit of a limb here, with this question: Could it be she is an exhibitionist who just likes getting naked?

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What the Humphrys Saw

Guido understands that Nick Robinson decided that he was very interested in what was on his computer monitor rather than the studio guest during this morning’s interview with Dr Victoria Bateman. The eccentric naked Remainiac campaigner called on Jacob Rees-Mogg to debate her naked. Over to you Jacob…

UPDATE: We now have video…

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Project Leer: Creepy Remainers Sign Naked Professor’s Body in Bizarre Brexit Protest

Cambridge’s resident ‘Naked Professor’ Victoria Bateman has stripped off again to protest about Brexit, hosting an adult-only show last night in Cambridge to make the point that “Brexit leaves Britain naked”. The creepy FBPErs who turned up to watch clearly didn’t mind, they even took to the stage at the end to sign her body with permanent marker. Desperate Remainers resorting to Project Leer…

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