Welsh Government Allows Outdoor Picnics After Health Minister Pictured Picnicking Outdoors

The Welsh Government, fresh from confusing its own guidance about meeting members of other households, has now embarrassingly further liberalised restrictions after its own Health Minister was pictured breaking them. Despite calls to ‘Stay Home’, Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething was snapped by The Sun picnicking in a park over the Bank Holiday weekend. This was even before England had allowed that activity…

Guidance abruptly changed on Monday, after Gething was seen in the park over the weekend. The Welsh Government is now denying the change is anything to do with the incident. Of course it wasn’t…

Readers may remember Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething from his swearing at a colleague during an expletive ridden virtual Welsh Assembly appearance, sending Coronavirus letters to the wrong households,  and charging the taxpayer many thousands of pounds for globetrotting. After surviving these scandals, he’s now single handedly changed lockdown policy in Wales to pretty much match England. Remarkable!

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Welsh Health Minister’s F-Word Zoom Faux Pas

The House of Commons’ first virtual parliament ran relatively smoothly today, with only a few MPs losing connection mid-question. Wales’ proceedings didn’t run quite as smoothly, with the Labour Health minister Vaughan Gething swearing at a fellow member being picked up when he left his microphone on.  It appears Gething directed his fury at fellow Labour AM Jenny Rathbone, spitting “what the f**k is the matter with her?” Plaid Cymru are of course demanding his resignation…

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Welsh Government’s Coronavirus Cock Up

The First Minister of Wales has had to apologise after thousands of shielding letters were sent to the wrong address in a monumental administrative cock up. 13,000 letters from the chief medical officer designed to be sent to the people most vulnerable to coronavirus were sent to the wrong addresses. Welsh Health Minister and Labour AM Vaughan Gething has admitted the letters have to be re-sent, and a spokesman for the Welsh Government has said it “sincerely apologise[es]” for the shambles. Imagine the furore if this had happened in England…

This isn’t the first time Welsh Labour have messed up deliveries, having only last year sent campaign literature written in Welsh to the Scottish Highlands. At least they were in the right country this time…

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Welsh Politicians Spend Thousands Chartering Planes to Watch Football

Welsh government politicians, special advisers, private secretaries and press officers have billed the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds to fly around the world on more than 30 foreign junkets in the last year. Welsh Labour leader Carwyn Jones blew more than £10,000 chartering a plane for him and his private secretary to France to watch the football last summer. Why are taxpayers paying for this?

The itinerary of the Welsh cabinet and their flunkies would put globe-trotting A-listers to shame. Expenses documents show Jones spent nearly £50,000 on another two trips to the US, taking in Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Washington DC at a total cost to the taxpayer of £47,992. Economy Secretary Ken Skates and his private secretary also went to the Euro football: they attended matches in Toulouse and Paris over five days, total cost £3,232. How did they manage to spend that much?

He and an official also went to Chongqing and Shanghai at a cost of £17,842. Health Secretary Vaughan Gething was also accompanied by an official on a trip to Enetbbe, Uganda, charging £16,582, to mark the “10th Anniversary of Wales for Africa“. Environment Secretary Lesley Griffiths and policy official enjoyed sunny Dubai at a cost of £6,563. Who are these people are why are spending our money?

Welsh politicians have long been on the take and get away with it because no one in the English media cares about what are essentially local stories. At a time when Welsh Labour are breaking their tuition fees promise, their politicians and staff are flying around the world on jollies. How can they justify spending this much on going to watch the football?

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