Lib Dems Fibbing Here

The Lib Dems have been distributing a corker of a bar chart on their election leaflets in Hampstead and Kilburn, cheekily extrapolating projected EU election results in order to claim that they “won the last election here in Hampstead & Kilburn.” Which will probably come as a surprise to Tulip Siddiq and her 15,560 majority… 

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Tulip Not Being Honest About Her Close Links to Bangladesh Government

Tulip Siddiq said in her statement this morning that “some members of my family are involved in politics in Bangladesh” but insisted “I have no capability nor desire to influence politics in Bangladesh”. Looking at her past tweets, this just isn’t true. Tulip boasted of facilitating meetings with the Bangladeshi Prime Minister’s office, meeting government ministers, attending parties and even helping them improve their online presence. Another tweet places her at dinner with the Bangladeshi PM after Tulip became an MP.

The Bangladesh government led by Siddiq’s aunt has been condemned by Human Rights Watch for killing and disappearing political opponents, as well as a “sustained attack” on freedom of speech and homosexuals. Siddiq claimed today that she has nothing to do with them. Judging from her tweets that just isn’t true…

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Tulip Apologises Unreservedly

Tulip Siddiq says sorry for this:

“I want to apologise unreservedly for my comments to Channel 4’s producer, which were an off-hand and ill-judged attempt to deal with what I felt was a hostile situation. I would never want to upset her and I hope she accepts my apology.

With regard to the Channel 4 news report itself, and as I made clear prior to the event on Saturday. I was born in London and serve as a British Member of Parliament. The focus of my work is spent on delivering for the residents of Hampstead and Kilburn who elected me to represent them.

The fact that some members of my family are involved in politics in Bangladesh has long been a matter of public record which I have not hidden from. That said, I have no capability nor desire to influence politics in Bangladesh.”

Yet she thinks she has the capability to influence politics in Iran. What was she thinking?

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Tulip Siddiq Threatens Pregnant Channel 4 News Producer

Labour MP Tulip Siddiq is accused of threatening a pregnant Channel 4 News reporter this weekend as they reported on her connections to Bangladesh’s repressive government. Siddiq has barely been off the airwaves scoring political points about the Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe affair, yet she has said nothing about another prisoner, a British-trained barrister called Ahmad bin Quasem. Human rights groups say he was was abducted in Bangladesh by government agents. Siddiq’s aunt is Bangladesh’s controversial Prime Minister Shekih Hasina – it’s said a phone call from Siddiq could free Ahmad. When Channel 4 News confronted her over this, things didn’t go well…

Siddiq refused to answer questions and repeatedly said to reporter Alex Thomson: “be very careful”. She then said to a pregnant Channel 4 producer:

“Hope you have a great birth, because child labour is hard”.

Channel 4 has complained to Labour about this remark, which it said was “an apparently threatening comment”. Siddiq is clearly spooked – she has reported Channel 4 to the police, which definitely doesn’t make her look guilty at all. Extraordinary malice, implying Alex Thomson was racist, menacing comment to pregnant producer, thuggish behaviour from aide… Not really behaviour becoming of a member of the Women and Equalities select committee…

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Siddiq Has Exploited Nazanin Case for Partisan Purposes Before

Richard Radcliffe is doing everything in his power to free his wife, and everyone in his position would do the same. Tulip Siddiq took a very partisan tone in the Commons when she had a go at Boris today for his sloppy language a week ago in front of a Select Committee. Be in no doubt that Siddiq has exploited voters’ natural sympathy for the Nazanin case for partisan purposes.

Above is a letter that was delivered to constituents during the recent general election. It is an official Labour Party leaflet sent in the name of Richard Radcliffe urging voters to vote for Tulip Siddiq. There’s something distasteful about Tulip Siddiq’s exploitation of voter sympathy for an innocent woman held prisoner overseas for partisan purposes.

Learn how you can support the Free Nazanin campaign

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Shadow Minister Tulip Siddiq Resigns

Dear Jeremy,

It is with a heavy heart and after much consideration that I write this letter. Like you, I came into politics to make a difference and, most importantly, to represent my constituents.

From the minute I was elected, my priority has been to ensure that the voices of people from Hampstead and Kilburn are represented in Parliament. The vast majority of my constituents voted last year to remain in the European Union, as did I.

On the announcement of the 3 line whip on the Article 50 vote, I therefore feel I have no choice but to resign from my front bench role as Shadow Minister for Early Years. I do not support the triggering of Article 50 and cannot reconcile myself to the front bench position.

Leaving the European Union presents enormous uncertainty for my constituents, with most believing that the disadvantages of leaving outweigh any potential benefits.

Many still don’t have firm guarantees that their residential rights will be protected after Brexit. The Government’s vague plans do not provide any safeguards over our membership of security agencies that underpin counter-terrorism efforts. They do not provide any guarantees over the environmental or employment rights that Labour have fought to secure for working people. They do not provide any guarantees of full access to the single market that is integral to so many livelihoods.

I will look carefully at amendments brought to the debate, consider them in their own right and work constructively to develop such guarantees. I support Keir Starmer and my Labour colleagues, and know they are working to get the best deal for Britain throughout this process.

I know you have a difficult job as our Leader and it is not my intention to cause more complications for you. We are both united in our values of fairness, social justice and equality and I know you, above everyone else, will recognise my commitment to my local constituents.

I have always been clear – I do not represent Westminster in Hampstead and Kilburn, I represent Hampstead and Kilburn in Westminster. I feel that the most effective place for me to counter Theresa May’s hard Brexit is from the backbenches.

In solidarity,

Tulip Siddiq MP

Via the Guardian. Here we go…

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