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Trevor Phillips identifies who is really stoking the culture war…

“…. the titles that bang on most about the culture wars are what used to be called broadsheets. Of 2,762 articles in the past 27 years that address “culture wars” explicitly, more than 80 per cent were in serious papers. As for right-wing provocation, the biggest contributor to this total is The Guardian with over a third of all mentions, more than twice as many as The Times. The Mail contributes a measly 121 pieces, less than 5 per cent, a pretty poor effort at stirring up cultural divisions.”

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Read in Full: Labour’s Letter Expelling Trevor Philips and his Reply

Just hours after it came out that anti-racism campaigner Trevor Phillips has been expelled from the Labour Party for ‘racism’, Policy Exchange has published a new paper: The Trial: the strange case of Trevor Phillips, which reveals why he’s been suspended.

The paper features a foreword by Labour MP Khalid Mahmood, who is also a Pakistani-born Muslim, the longest-serving Muslim MP, and a member of the APPG on British Muslims defending Phillips. Mahmood writes:

It was with no small measure of astonishment that I learnt that my own party, the Labour Party, had initiated proceedings against Trevor Phillips on grounds of ‘racism’ and ‘Islamophobia’. The charges are so outlandish as to bring disrepute on all involved in making them; and I fear they further add to the sense that we, as a party, have badly lost our way.

It is seriously bizarre for Jennie Formby – who has defended people accused of antisemitism for years as Labour’s General Secretary – to kick Phillips out forcing Mahmood to have to come to his defence…

The letter from Labour to Phillips, which you can read in full above, accuses the former chairman of the UK’s Equalities Watchdog of breaching rule 2.1.8 – forbidding members from “conduct which in the opinion of the NEC is prejudicial” – claiming that “numerous statements you made on public platforms, as well as authoring the document ‘Race and Faith: The Deafening Silence’. 

The Labour Party in particular point to past statements from Trevor Phillips on “longstanding abuse by men, mostly of Pakistani Muslim origin in the North of England” – the same sort of claims Jeremy Corbyn sacked his Women’s Minister, Sarah Champion, over in 2017. 

Read Phillips’s response to Labour in full below:

As Phillips writes in the Times today, “If this is how Labour treats its own family, how might it treat its real opponents if it ever gains power again?”…

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Wonk Watch: October Edition

With an election just 43 days away, it’s not just political parties that are beefing up. The Westminster think tank scene is seeing changes too, with Policy Exchange in particular kicking back against the great wonk brain drain caused by Number 10’s think tank hiring spree.

Guido can reveal that PX is beefing up its domestic policy team by hiring Kwasi Kwarteng’s former BEIS SpAd Iain Mansfield to be their new Head of Education, Skills, Science and Innovation. Readers might remember Mansfield as the Cambridge physicist turned star civil servant who won the IEA’s coveted €100,000 Brexit Prize back in 2014. It’s a good time for Brexiteers in wonkland…

Mansfield joins former Hancock SpAd Richard Sloggett, who has joined the think tank as a Senior Fellow working on health policy, including social care. Policy Exchange have also announced that Guido alumnus and Telegraph columnist Juliet Samuel as well as the broadcaster Trevor Phillips, will be joining as Senior Fellows. On the flip side Guido understands that PX now have ten alumni in Government, including Number 10’s Munira Mirza, Chief Secretary Rishi Sunak, and Lords Leader Baroness Evans…

Meanwhile, the Adam Smith Institute has snapped up Charlotte Kude as their new Head of Government Affairs. Kude formerly worked for staunch Brexiteer MEP David Campbell-Bannerman in the European Parliament and Salmond slaying Colin Clark in the House of Commons. Welcome to Westminster’s Wonkland…

Over at the Taxpayers’ Alliance, Sam Packer has joined to beef up the media team. Sam joins from doing PR at Grayling, after working on campaigns in UK and US. Darwin Friend has been hired as a researcher. Formerly a research assistant in Parliament, Darwin will now be applying his forensic eye to ramping up TPA FOI programme. Recent Nottingham grad and part-time ballet dancer Freya Stear has joined as Operations Assistant.

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