Labour Party Attack Ads Go After “Hard Left” Socialist

Yorkshire and the Humber Labour Party have declared open war on the hard left, after one of their own councillors, Tony Randerson, resigned from the Party and the Council… before deciding to un-resign and fight in the by-election he just caused, this time standing for the “Social Justice Party”.

Randerson resigned over “contempt” shown to the socialists in the local ranks, claiming “only right-wing yes people are now acceptable to fly the flag for Scarborough and Whitby”. He regretted it, and the by-election is costing the taxpayer around £8,000.

Now Labour are running online attack ads slamming Randerson as a “hard left independent… wasting your cash”. For some reason they’ve used dollar bills in the image. By sheer coincidence, this is the same ward Extinction Rebellion activist Theresa Norton used to represent. Is there something in the water over there?

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