Tom Tugendhat Slapped With Six-Month Driving Ban

Security Minister Tom Tugendhat has been whacked with a six-month driving ban for being caught using his phone behind the wheel in April. He appeared in-person at Westminster Magistrates’ Court today to hear the decision. Judge Jack McGarva said:

“Using a mobile phone in any way is a distraction. Without any doubt it impairs people’s ability to drive. I would expect you to set a good example for the rest of us.”

Tugendhat had previously claimed he was “holding” his phone rather than using it however already had six points on his licence prior to being caught. Better off buying a Tom-Tom next time…

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Tugendhat Hails Impending Tory Election Victory

Tom Tugendhat got the band together last night in Smith Square, where he was guest of honour for WPI’s drinks. His introduction came from WPI co-founder Nick Faith, who helped run Tom’s leadership campaign and pointed out their last speaker was one Elizabeth Truss. Despite Tom telling Guido in advance he wasn’t planning on making any news, eyebrows were certainly raised on two occasions. Not least telling the congregation the night ahead of Jeremy Hunt’s fiscal statement that “I know growth is no longer fashionable”…

His speech concluded, however, with a Mystic Meg prediction that surely warrants Tom putting his money where his mouth is:

“When I look at the budget… or indeed other things coming forward, I’m genuinely very, very positive. We’re beginning to see the end of the unreal era… I have to say I’m enormously positive about the UK… enormously positive about the Conservative Party. I think the reality is going to bring home to roost the truth that the Conservative Party is the natural party of government for a very good reason and so I think the polls may not show it today, I think we’re going to win in two years time, and I think we’re going to win well.”

Guido will hold off asking Tom for tomorrow’s lottery numbers…

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Security Minister Caught in Mobile Phone Trap

Suella Braverman was sacked for emailing confidential documents from her personal phone to a backbench MP – later it transpired she’d done this six times. On Sunday we learnt that Liz Truss’s phone had been hacked and heavily compromised by the Russians. Now Security Minister Tom Tugendhat is on the naughty step for using his phone while driving in south London. This is the guy in the driving seat of the UK’s security…

According to The Evening Standard, Tom could now be facing a driving ban, and is heading to court this Friday to learn his fate. Tugendhat received a fixed penalty notice in April, agreed to pay the fine and surrender his driving licence, however the offence was sent to court for prosecution as he already had six points.

According to the copper who spotted the motoring misdemeanour, “I noticed the driver of this vehicle was using a handheld mobile device whilst driving,”

“The device was being held in their left hand to the front, in front of themselves.

“I saw this from around 3m, in good daylight with no obstructions, I saw this for around 20 seconds.

“The driver did appear to be having a conversation.

“The driver did not appear to be operating the device.

“I stopped the vehicle and spoke with the driver. I confirmed they weren’t making emergency contact to the 999 service.

“I pointed out the offence where they confirmed the communication was using maps.”

Guido seems to remember Mr Tugendhat was less than supportive of Boris when he received a fixed penalty notice…

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IDS: We Haven’t Even Started Investigating Chinese Police Stations on British Soil

Everyone likes Tom Tugendhat but it’s really not necessary for him to like everyone back. How many times did he “absolutely agree” and render “enormous thanks”? He is the new Security minister and this was his first appearance at the despatch box but there was no need for such winsomeness. He was forgiven the use of the term “front-footing” as some kind of verb – he is young and uses fashionable language (LOL). But did he really refer to “our excellent police forces”? With a straight face? A rising mist surrounded him: it was political capital evaporating.

He had two consecutive outings today, neither of them strictly necessary. The first was to answer an Urgent Question posed by the new chair of the Foreign Affairs committee, a stately galleon at sea under the name of Alicia Kearns.

In her early 30s, she defeated more than one Tory grandee in the election to her position – one of them being Iain Duncan Smith. This still-youthful elder statesman usually sits in front of his rival on these occasions, and asks sharp, well-phrased questions in his carrying voice. Among his supporters, he will be creating the impression that he was robbed, that the election was stolen, that he is the rightful chair.

Read More

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Register of Interests: Tory Leadership Special

While MPs don’t have to register donations for a month after receiving them, some swottish leadership candidates have submitted their homework early in this month’s register of members’ interests. Tom Tugendhat has been especially comprehensive, registering a whopping £123,674.44 in donations for his leadership campaign. Rishi and Liz especially have been very quiet so far. Here’s the full list…

Kemi Badenoch: 

  • £2,500 Joanne Black
  • £10,000 Longrow Capital

Suella Braverman

  • £10,000 First Corporate Consultants
  • £2,000 discount on digital services from Ethan R Wilkinson Ltd

Tom Tugendhat

  • £3,000 advertising support from Policy Focus Ltd
  • £8,872.94 debate prep support from Policy Focus Ltd
  • £15,000 Policy Focus Ltd
  • £10,000 Policy Focus Ltd
  • £50,000 Ian Mukherjee
  • £25,000 Beacon Rock Ltd
  • £5,000 InvestUK Group Ltd
  • £1,000 Policy Focus Ltd
  • £5,301.50 from Policy Focus Ltd “to meet residual costs for my campaign”
  • £500 from Policy Focus Ltd

Rishi Sunak

  • £3,195 Office space donation from Bridge Consulting Ltd

While Rishi registered just over £3,000 in office space – before moving his swelling team from Westminster to Holborn – Guido also notices his name cropping up in another member’s declaration. Three days ago Mark Fletcher, Bolsover, registered that Sunak paid £5,046.82 for a fundraising dinner in his constituency. Unfortunately for Rishi, Mark has declared for Liz…

So far neither Liz, Sajid nor Nadhim have registered a penny in donations; it’s not unlikely Rishi will also have paid for much of his campaign out of his own pocket. Nadhim did make one registration however: four tickets to a Billie Eilish concert valued at £480…

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WATCH: Tom Tugendhat’s Leadership Elimination Statement

“I have been overwhelmed by the response we have received across the country. People are ready for a clean start and our party must deliver on it and put trust back into politics.” Four left…

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