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The currently invisible on the channel Darren McCaffrey’s impending departure from GB News means the plum political editor’s job is up for grabs. Speculation is already rife over who will take over the leading role at the UK’s second-biggest dedicated news channel…

  • Christopher Hope – Currently Associate Editor (Politics) at The Telegraph. A stalwart of the Lobby and podcaster extraordinaire, surely useful given GB News’ ambitions for their radio station. Chopper’s name is already doing the rounds in the GB Newsroom and would give the insurgent station a big boost. Has notably increased his appearances on the channel recently, even standing in for Andrew Doyle and presenting a full show.
  • Tom Harwood – Political correspondent at GB News. Has been at the channel since its launch, has impeccable contacts, knows a story and has concerning levels of energy that would come in handy during the next general election. Might have to sacrifice his love of delivering early morning free market polemics on wonk issues to make time for more mainstream content, though. Shame.
  • Camilla Tominey –  Another Telegraph bigwig, currently serving as their Associate Editor and columnist. Has presented the GB News Sunday morning offering for nearly a month now, and in Guido’s opinion is already on a par with Sophy Ridge and Laura Kuenssberg in terms of interview quality.
  • Angus Walker – Former ITN political correspondent and Gavin Williamson SpAd. Good broadcaster and Tory-adjacent.
  • Gloria de Piero – Former Labour MP with relatively sound Red Wall credentials. Her appointment would surely be a sign the channel is laying the ground for a prolonged period of Labour government. She has a long history of broadcasting, including the BBC and seven years at GMTV, during which time she was the political editor. Has already produced a series of very good interviews with top-level politicians for the channel.
  • Kate McCann – Political editor at TalkTV. A very similar job opportunity to the one she’s currently doing, albeit with a guaranteed higher viewership.
  • Dehenna Davison MP – Currently Tory MP for Bishop Auckland, though she took SW1 by surprise when announcing she’d be standing down at the next election. Has already presented a show on the channel, and has proved she’s more than willing to be a thorn in the side of the Tory government.
  • Matt Chorley – The top choice for all those TimesRadio listeners who feel continually disappointed they only get to hear his lilting tones rather than see the face they’re coming from. Could even appear on the channel’s humorous paper review show to nick some jokes for his next ‘stand up’ tour.

Good luck…

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Harwood’s Question Time Housing Crisis Truth

Tom’s right, the only real solution to the housing crisis is to build more houses – “build back better” needs to be more than just a slogan. The rest is just tinkering around the edges…

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Debunking Media’s Claim Boris Compared Brexit With Ukraine

As reluctant as Guido is to give this ridiculous story more oxygen, it needs to be rebutted before it becomes the unchallenged narrative. Fortunately Tom’s done a good job of debunking the Observer’s front page story…

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GB News Presenters Told to “Smarten Up”

GB News viewers may have noticed the on-screen talent have made a few sartorial improvements since the turn of the year, with Tom Harwood even – for the first time ever – wearing a tie to present his show each morning. Guido learns this isn’t a personal wardrobe choice, with bosses telling hosts it’s time to “smarten up” for the new year, so ties and top buttons are now mandatory. Still, it’s not all bad news for Tom et al. – yesterday Guido revealed they’ve overtaken LBC in YouTube subscribers…

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Testing Shows Geronimo Didn’t Have TB

Co-conspirators will no doubt remember the August battle to save Geronimo, the adorable alpaca beloved by the entire nation. After weeks of media smears claiming Geronimo had tested positive for bovine TB, the heartless and bloodthirsty civil servants at DEFRA persuaded George Eustice to execute the furry friend. Among the biggest cheerleaders for this course of action was one Tom Harwood, who claimed he must be offed “so that others may live”.

Now it emerges Harwood and his chums were wrong. According to post-mortem tests, Geronimo likely never had bovine tuberculosis – despite a forensic analysis, no evidence for the disease could be found. Veterinary scientist Dr. Iain McGill, who reviewed the results on behalf of Geronimo’s owner Helen Macdonald, said:

“Today is a very sad day. There is nothing in the post mortem results so far that give any evidence of infection in Geronimo. We always felt Geronimo’s diagnosis was unsafe.”

Having campaigned so ferociously to see the harmless creature executed, Harwood has remained unusually quiet today after these new details emerged, despite Guido approaching him for comment. The fact he’s just arrived back in the UK and is no doubt exhausted with jet lag is no excuse…
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Live with Littlewood is Back at 6pm!

After a summer break, Live with Littlewood returns tonight at 6pm – with the guests joining us live in the studio!


  • Fuel-proof: are we heading for a winter of discontent?
  • Things can only get better: Did Keir deliver at Labour Party Conference?
  • Fat chance: Will this government be the first in the world to “reverse the trend on obesity”?


  • Christian Calgie – Senior Reporter, Guido Fawkes
  • Tom Harwood – Political Correspondent, GB News
  • Emma Revell – Head of Public Affairs, IEA
  • Christopher Snowdon – Head of Lifestyle Economics, IEA


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