WATCH: Sturgeon She/Hers on the Side of Caution…

Credit to the Herald’s Tom Gordon for volunteering to send Nicola Sturgeon into her now-daily tailspin over double rapist Isla Bryson:

Gordon: …I think you just referred to Isla Bryson using ‘her’, does that mean you do in fact think she is a woman?

Sturgeon: “Don’t read anything into… I am trying to, rationally… look… what I’m trying to do is address the issues rather than take it into […] headline-generating. I’m trying to rationally deal with the issues that arise here. And that’s what I’ll continue to try to do.

Gordon: Why did you say that?

Sturgeon: I… you remember… I’ll take your word for it. What I’m saying is Isla Bryson calls herself a woman, but what I am trying to say is in the context of the prison service, that is not the relevant factor here…”

Admittedly this won’t be Sturgeon’s biggest headache of the day: the First Minister, in an effort to deflect from her tanking polling over this mess, accidentally published her own bank details by releasing her tax returns this morning. Credit to the Scottish Sun’s Chris Musson for that one. Happy Monday, Nicola…

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