GMB Union Boss Tim Roache Bags £868,800 Plus £60,000 Annual Pension

Whilst the TUC bosses are enjoying their annual booze-up, the TaxPayers’ Alliance has calculated that the average remuneration of the top 30 Union Chiefs on more than £100,000 was £150,755 in 2020. The highest-paid trade union boss, outgoing General Secretary of the GMB Tim Roache, bagged an unbelievable £288,000 plus an £80,000 payment for long standing service, a £500,000 lump sum, a car of his choice and a £60,000 annual pension after terminating his employment in sordid circumstances. By comparison Prime Minister Boris Johnson earns £160,000…

The boss of the National Association of Head Teachers, Paul Whiteman, was the second highest paid union boss, taking home a staggering £216,387. TUC boss Frances O’Grady pockets a comfortable above average £167,229. John O’Connell, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, says:

”These red barons relentlessly preach policies around wealth inequality and demand evermore tax-and-spend, but are sitting comfortably as some of Britain’s biggest earners. Hypocritical union heads should stop lining their pockets with these six-figure salaries.”

Nice work if you can get it…

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Confusing Demise of Union Boss

Just five months after he was re-elected, Tim Roache unexpectedly resigned as General Secretary of the GMB two weeks ago. Followers of union affairs will be confused as to why the so recently re-elected union boss resigned. The Daily Mirror’s Mikey Smith reported that it was because of “ill health” and “senior figures inside the union urged Mr Roache to go”. The next day the paper reported Roache faced an investigation after an anonymous letter raised concerns about his conduct. Confused? Me too!

A few days later the Sunday Mirror reported that an investigation into the conduct of the “top union boss has planted a “time bomb” under Labour”. It went on to reveal that Roache quit suddenly after an internal letter ­circulated accusing him of improper behaviour. Hold on, didn’t Mikey Smith report that it was because of “ill health”? What’s the line?

The union’s president Barbara Plant vowed to protect its staff, saying the safety of “our people, particularly women” is of “paramount importance”. The paper went on to claim that the affair is “expected to entangle some senior MPs and union and party ­officials in what one described as “a scandal-primed time bomb”.” Is this a real thing?

The article goes on to report that the anonymous letter – signed from “GMB sisters” – made a number of ­claims, including that senior Labour figures “colluded many times in a cover up”. Roache responded “these allegations are entirely made up with the intention of totally ­discrediting me. With no names of the accusers I have no opportunity to challenge and prove my entire ­innocence.” To be fair, without names, Roache’s just groping in the dark.

The union has belatedly now ordered an independent probe into the affairs, the same union that said he was stepping down for health reasons, days after the allegations were made. The Labour leader’s spokesman when pressed on whether he regarded the union chief as “a friend”, would only say “Keir and Tim are colleagues and have worked together.” Which is weak, considering Roache has arranged millions in donations over the years to the Labour Party.

Things got even more convoluted when, Guido hears, a legal letter was sent to newspapers saying that their client, an MP the letter did not name, did not wish to be named. A legal privilege usually reserved for the victims of sex attacks. Confused? Me too!

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Sexists For Remain

patel ROACHE

Uh oh! GMB union chief and leading Remainer Tim Roache tells his annual conference:

“Priti Patel, surely a contradiction in her name”

Think Tim should have gone to Specsavers…

BSE’s Will Straw said Tim Roache “speaks for over 600,000 working people” when he endorsed Remain back in February. Now Straw is silent. Meanwhile Harriet Harman is the big gun wheeled out for the Remain campaign today. She would be touring the studios if a Leaver had said this...

UPDATE II: Roache doubles down:

UPDATE III: BSE statement on the man they described as “fantastic” three months ago:

“Comments like this have no place in this debate.”

UPDATE IV: Tory MP Anne-Marie Trevelyan: “This abuse is a new low for the remain campaign.”

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