Wetherspoons to Create 10,000 New Jobs

In well-timed #DespiteBrexit news, Tim Martin has announced he will be creating 10,000 jobs from a new £200 million investment in his pubs and hotels. Unfortunately, there aren’t any new pubs planned in Leicester South where Jonathan Ashworth will be wanting to drown his sorrows today…

The 10,000 jobs will be injected into mainly small and medium-sized towns, including:

  • Bourne in Lincolnshire
  • Waterford in Ireland
  • Hamilton in Scotland
  • Ely in Cambridgeshire
  • Diss in Norfolk
  • Felixstowe in Suffolk
  • Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire
  • Prestatyn in North Wales

Tory target seats?…

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Wetherspoon Cuts Price of Pints in Brexit Boost Anticipation

Today, Brexit backing pub chain Wetherspoons are cutting the average price of their pints by 20p, to highlight the benefits of leaving the EU’s protectionist Customs Union. They’re willing to make less money for two months because they’re so confident we’re going to leave on the 31st. Presumably prices would have to rise again if we end up staying in…

The Brexit-supporting CEO Tim Martin said

“At the current time customers and businesses pay tariffs on thousands of products which are imported from outside the EU.

These tariffs are collected by the UK government and sent to Brussels.  Provided we leave the Customs Union on 31st October, the government can end these protectionist tariffs, which will reduce prices in supermarkets and pubs.”

The Guido office knows where it’s going for lunch today…

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Friday Caption Contest (Are EU Sure, Tim? Edition)

Entries in the comments…

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Question Time Audience Member Solves National Debt

Osborne’s eight equation mathematics mumbo-jumbo was countered by Question Time audience member Tim Martin’s own analysis:

“I took the £10 billion of net savings that we would make if we left Europe, and I multiplied those by 14, which is obviously the number of years up to 2030. I then used the economic credit multiplier because of course you have the benefit of spending that £10 billion, the taxes raised on it, on economic growth and so on. And do you know the figure I came up with? The figure I came up with is £1.5 trillion, which means if we leave the European Union we’ll be able to fund and repay the national debt by the time 2030 comes.”

Well Tim is an economist…

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