Arrest-Prone Suspended-Labour Councillor Jumps Before She’s Pushed

In October 2022, Guido secured the suspension of Labour councillor Theresa Norton, who had just been arrested for the fourth time as part of Just Stop Oil’s climate protests. Until Guido challenged the Labour press office, it looked like they were going to let her carry on, despite Sir Keir’s strong opposition to the disruptive demonstrations…

It’s now emerged, however, that Councillor Norton has decided to jump before she was pushed. While having the whip suspended during the investigation into her actions, she now tells her local paper that she’s made the decision to leave the party anyway because it’s not socialist enough for her.

They asked me to qualify my actions.

“But rather than wait until January or February for them to make the decision, I chose to leave the party.

“As a socialist, I find that I needed something a bit more than what the Labour Party nationally are offering at the moment.

“I’m a true socialist and they’re not quite living up to my expectations of how a socialist government should perform.

Unfortunately, Scarborough Council is to be abolished in April of next year, so we won’t get to see how Norton’s extremist pro-crime politics would have fared at the ballot box. Just Stop Oil and their Extinction Rebellion comrades do seem rather allergic to democracy…

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Labour Finally Suspend Arrested Just Stop Oil Councillor

Guido understands Labour have finally suspended Scarborough councillor Theresa Norton, the Just Stop Oil loon who repeatedly blocked traffic on the M25. It looks like her fourth arrest was one too many…

As of today, Norton no longer has a party affiliation on Scarborough’s Borough Council webpage:

All it took was multiple arrests, missed council meetings, and hundreds of furious commuters…

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Just Stop Oil Labour Councillor Arrested for Fourth Time, 24 Hours After Starmer Tells Them to Stop

Today a Labour councillor for Scarbrough was arrested for a second time this year for participating in Just Stop Oil protests on the M25. The councillor may ring a bell with co-conspirators: Guido first pointed out the supposed party of law and order continued to promote police-cell-loving Theresa Norton on their leaflets.

According to a quick Google, Norton’s now been arrested four times – in February, September, October and now November. Given Sir Keir spoke strongly against the protest just 24 hours ago – telling protesters to go home – it should surely be time for him to put his money where his mouth is, and boot the eco-loon out of his party…

Not only did Theresa Norton travel down from Scarbrough for the protest, she actually missed yesterday’s council meeting to do so. There, she would have been doing what she’s paid to do – representing her constituents.

Labour has been making a lot out of Matt Hancock’s dereliction of duty by going on I’m A Celebrity. This may not on the same egregious level, but the principle is the same. On two counts, Starmer will have his authority flouted if he doesn’t finally act.

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Labour Continues Promoting Jailed Eco-Loon Councillor

A week ago another coterie of Insulate Britain nutters were put away for defying a court ordered injunction to stay away from the M25. One of those jailed happened to be a Labour councillor all the way from Scarborough. How she travelled down to the M25 we can only guess… 

As the local Tory association bemoaned, the length of Councillor Norton’s (63) sentence does not meet the 12-week threshold to disqualify her as a councillor, and there’s no sign of her standing down of her own free will.

Despite Sir Keir’s recent push to rebrand Labour as a party of law and order, it seems the local Labour branch isn’t disillusioned with their criminal comrade. This week Scarborough residents found party literature pushed through their letterboxes with Cllr Norton front and centre.

They boast the party’s “representing you in Scarborough”. Well, some are… others are doing so at her majesty’s pleasure.

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