May Planning “Campaign 2022” Conference Speech

The agenda for the final day of Tory Conference this year will raise a few hackles and probably heckles. May’s keynote speech has optimistically been listed under the heading “Campaign 2022”:

Of course, May has to declare her intention to stay in the job for the long haul to avoid being becoming a lame duck, she will be hard-pressed to find anyone in Westminster or the wider membership who seriously thinks she will be contesting the 2022 General Election. That being said the agenda doesn’t specify precisely who the Prime Minister will be on October 3rd

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Rich’s Monday Morning View

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Tory Members Hate Chequers More

Theresa May’s summer charm offensive appears to have backfired as Tory members surveyed by Conservative Home view the proposal in a worse light than they did last month. 27% said Chequers was a good deal last month. This month that’s crashed down to 23%. Those who say it represents a bad deal rose from 68% to 69%.

Despite a national tour and letters being sent to all members, the Prime Minister’s plan is less supported now than it was before…

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MayBot Dab Mix

Watch Theresa May enthusiastically dab during her Kenyan walkabout.

h/t Alex Morales
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May’s Unconventional Jacket Not Cultural Appropriation

Theresa May’s striking jacket was made by Nigerian fashion house Emmy Kasbit from the designer Emmanuel Okoro. Apparently
“The brand was birthed out of its passion to clothe the unconventional man and woman who likes to think outside the box and who are willing to defend their outfit as being deliberate and not accidental.”
So not cultural appropriation, not accidental, just unconventional and “out of the box”. Could the fashion label have wished for a model less in tune with the brand’s values?
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Theresa May Supports SA Government’s Seizure of White-Owned Farmland

Theresa May has given caveated support to South Africa’s controversial land reform plans, whereby white-owned farms are seized by the government without compensation. Speaking in Cape Town yesterday she said:

“The UK has for some time now supported land reform. Reform that is legal, that is transparent, that is generated through a democratic process.”

This may prove problematic…

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