Team May All Out

Funnily enough certain backbenchers haven’t taken up their places to watch Boris’s inaugural speech at the Despatch Box…

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PMQs Sketch: May’s Farewell

There was an air of pageantry for Mrs May’s final PMQs. From both sides of the chamber came effusive praise for her premiership, not the least gushing forth from the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. When the time came for her to leave, there was a standing ovation from all corners. Pageboys laid a carpet of petals for her to walk on. Her Majesty lent the choir of St George’s Chapel to provide a choral serenade as Mrs May exited.

Later on, she made her way to the Palace to nominate her successor, despite Her Majesty’s pleading for her to say on for at least a decade longer. But it was not to be. As a concession, Her Majesty allowed Mrs. May to return to Downing Street for the last time in the Imperial Sate Coach. A helicopter of the Queen’s Flight took the now ex-PM from the Rose Garden to the lavish estate bestowed on her by a grateful nation.

Well, almost. Well, actually not at all.

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Theresa May’s Final Speech as Prime Minister

That’s it. She’s off.

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Every Party Has Had a Female Leader… Except One

This one really winds Labour up…

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May Tells Corbyn To Follow Her Lead and Resign

In her final exchange with Jeremy Corbyn across the dispatch boxes, May left a parting blow on the Leader of the Opposition.

“Perhaps I could just finish my exchange with him by saying this – as a party leader who has accepted when her time is up, perhaps the time is now for him to do the same.”


UPDATE: Ian Austin agrees…

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Corbyn Pays Tribute to Theresa May

Corbyn took a rare break from his reading out his tediously pre-scripted questions to pay tribute to Theresa May’s “sense of public duty” at the start of his final PMQs exchange with her – not sure his diehard Corbynista fans will be too pleased with that. Remarkably he will now be onto his third Tory Prime Minister, not that he’s had much to do with that himself…

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