Corbyn was 2019 Keynote Speaker at Islam Channel After it Was Censured Over Antisemitism and Advocating Marital-Rape

As Guido reported yesterday, Corbyn has a history of appearing on the Islam Channel – who have been censured twice by Ofcom, and fined over £30,000, for supporting marital rape and violence against women. During one interview, Corbyn said two men convicted for raising funds for terrorism ‘haven’t done anything wrong’…

It has now emerged Corbyn’s links to the channel continued well into his time as Labour leader – and after he will have been aware of the channel’s number of Ofcom censures. In 2018, the channel was once again disciplined for hate speech, including “expressions of hatred based on intolerance of Jewish people”, warning that the channel’s broadcast “had the potential to promote, encourage and incite such intolerance among viewers” after it labelled Jewish people as “tyrannical”.

In June this year, Corbyn was then billed as the “Keynote Speaker” for the Islam Channel‘s Eid Gala Dinner, which he attended and thanked the channel for “the contribution [they] make to our society”. 

Corbyn wasn’t alone at the dinner, however, and was joined by such luminaries as Sir Iqbal Sacranie – who likened Hamas suicide bombers to Mandela and Gandhi – and ‘comedian’ Tez Ilyas, who has appeared at multiple events for organisations connected to Hamas.

You’ll never guess which TV channel was also invited to ask a question at Labour’s ‘race and faith’ manifesto this month…

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Further Hamas Links of Corbyn’s Insta Takeover Comic

Last night Guido revealed that the comic who Corbyn picked to take over and manage his Instagram account during ITV’s debate is gigging to raise money for Corbyn’s old friends, Hamas. Putting the “ha, ha” into Hamas…

Today, Guido can disclose that Tez Ilyas was also invited to speak at PalExpo by Friends of al-Aqsa, a group described by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center as “a pro-Hamas British organization based in Leicester which advocates Israel’s elimination.”

Tez Ilyas also just this month appeared on a Corbynista alt-left YouTube channel, where he joked that if Prince Andrew and Epstein were Pakistani, they’d be a grooming gang from Rotherham. Presumably that means they’d have got away with it for 20 years whilst Labour councils were too afraid to say anything about it…

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Corbyn Instagram Takeover Comic Has Links to Hamas

The comic who Jeremy Corbyn has chosen to take over his Instagram during the debate has gigged to raise money for Hamas. Tez Ilyas is the first name on the line up of a ‘Human Appeal‘ event this year. Human Appeal is an organisation with “a record of links with the terrorist group Hamas” according to the Telegraph, which notes that:

“Human Appeal was or is a member of the Union of Good, also known as the 101 Days Campaign, itself designated by the US Government (under both names) as a terrorist organisation created by the Hamas leadership “in order to facilitate the transfer of funds to Hamas.””

Human Appeal had “close links to Hamas” according to the FBI, and is banned by Israel as “part of Hamas’s fundraising network.” Ilyas fits right in with Corbyn’s friends…

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