Britain Stronger in Europe Chair Backs Boris’s Deal

The Chairman of the official Britain Stronger in Europe (BSE) campaign, Stuart Rose, has come out as the latest supporter of Boris’s new Brexit deal. A rose among the thorns…

Speaking to the Today Programme, Rose – who led the designated campaign to Remain in the EU during the referendum – said

“I think we’ve just got to move on, we’ve got to reflect on the pros and cons, we’ve put aside our differences, we’ve got to lean in and we’ve got to think of the bigger picture and purpose. So I support it…”

Listen to the audio here:

The crucial endorsement comes after a day of MPs switching their previous votes, including former Labour MPs and hardline ‘Spartans’. It all relies upon Labour MPs honouring their constituents’ votes and their own 2017 promises…

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Bad Al Attacked Farage’s “Elitist Party”… Where Was He That Night?

When Alastair Campbell attacked Nigel Farage for attending an “elitist party” at the Ritz on Wednesday night it was tempting fate. Guido wondered aloud, where was Bad Al that night?

Turns out that Campbell was dining at the Michelin starred River Cafe restaurant in Hammersmith, attending an elitist establishment party of his own with fellow Remain campaign losers Peter Mandelson and Sir John Sawyers, the former boss of MI6, BSE chairman and tycoon Sir Stuart Rose as well as billionaire Remain donor Sir Charles Dunstone.


The River Cafe menu offers slow-roasted veal shin for £37, wood-roasted grouse for £40 and wines at over £2,000 a bottle. The very next day Campbell had the gall to call out Farage for attending an “elitist party” – hypocrisy at its most delicious…

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Rose: Wages Will Rise if Britain Leaves EU

Expect Stuart Rose‘s stunning admission to the Europhile MP Wes Streeting that wages would rise after Brexit to feature in video attack ads over and over again:

Wes Streeting: “If free movement were to end following Brexit, is it not reasonable to suppose that we could see increase in wages of low skilled workers in the UK?”

Stuart Rose: “If you are short of labour the price will go up, so yes. That’s not necessarily a good thing.”

There’s a new attack line for the Leave campaign every time Rose opens his mouth…

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Select Committee Accuses Stuart Rose of “Intellectual Dishonesty”

Remain campaigners Stuart Rose and Will Straw were hauled in front of the Treasury Select Committee today. The Britain Stronger In chairman received quite the lashing from committee chair Andrew Tyrie, who accused Rose of “intellectual dishonesty” and a “scandalous misuse of data”, in reference to BSE’s discredited claim that EU membership is worth £3,000 to every household in this countryGuido expects more of the Remain camp’s misrepresentations will be exposed over the next few months…

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BSE Apologise: “Work of Fiction” Claim is… Work of Fiction

Yesterday Britain Stronger in Europe sent out a press release describing a new Institute of Economic Affairs report on the EU as a “work of fiction”. Quite a hostage to fortune…

The BSE briefing claimed: “Matthew Elliott CEO of Vote Leave is a former Director of the IEA”. Er, no he isn’t. Elliott has never been a director of the IEA.

BSE then claimed the Elliott (non)link meant: “The Institute for Economic Affairs, Business for Britain and Vote Leave are a revolving door”. About as much as Stuart Rose and Marks and Spencer. Or, indeed, not, since Elliott was never at the IEA.

BSE have now privately apologised to the IEA for the error, they tell Guido: “We do regret any confusion caused”. Though they haven’t sent out a correction. They are instead waiting for journalists to call up before they tell them their briefing was, to coin a phrase, “a work of fiction”. 

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Stuart Rose Forgets BSE’s Name 4 Times

Yet another spectacular gaffe from the accident prone In campaign chairman Stuart Rose, who apparently has no idea what his campaign is called.

First attempt: “Stay in Britain.” Wrong.

Second attempt: “Better in Britain Campaign.” What?

Third time lucky? “The Better in Britain Campaign.” Nope…

Attempt number four: “Better Stay in Britain Campaign.” Err…

There’s a very easy way to remember the Britain Stronger in Europe campaign, Sir Stuart. It’s BSE…

Via Sky’s Darren McCaffrey
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