Mirror Republish Old Partygate Story… This Time With Added Bubbles

During PMQs The Mirror’s Pippa Crerar dropped a deliberately-timed new photo of an event we already knew about – the No. 10 Christmas Zoom Quiz. Previously the Lobby went mental over a screenshot of Stuart Glassborow (the PM’s Deputy PPS) wearing a bit of tinsel – it failed to meet the Metropolitan Police’s threshold for investigation; the new photo shows an open bottle of £12 Prosecco. We’re now told this makes it meet the threshold for investigation. 

Given Gray has fully investigated this event, she’ll have known about the booze, the police will therefore have been told about the open bottle, if not already have the photo among their collection of 300 – they didn’t change their mind. The Lobby had a meltdown over the Guardian garden gathering picture that featured the PM and Carrie drinking red wine. That, despite the existence of booze and many more people, didn’t meet the threshold. A last attempt to get another Tory MP over the no confidence letter line ahead of recess…

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