Holidaying Corbyn Hangs Out With Nudist Suspended from Labour Party Over Antisemitism

The Sun scooped Guido on the news that Corbyn continues to blatantly flout Covid rules – this time travelling from Tier 2 London to Tier 1 Isle of Wight for a holiday, expressly against national guidance. Not only was the newly-independent MP “spotted ­getting a ferry there”, Guido can also reveal the absolute boy’s been absolutely ignoring social distancing while meeting and greeting fans at an intimate level:

As only Corbyn’s luck would have it, he in fact spent the best part of an hour in the company of local activist Stephen Smith, who is currently also suspended by the Labour Party and under investigation after being accused of “antisemitism” on social media. Only days ago Smith shared a cartoon of the Israeli Prime Minister flying an IDF jet which was firing “defamation” missiles at Corbyn. Robert Jones, the local CLP branch secretary, is less than pleased, fuming that Corbyn had posed with

“… a suspended member – you really couldn’t make this up. Of course, he wouldn’t have known he was posing with a suspended member, but thanks Jeremy: you don’t come down here when you could have done as leader, and now here you are — gurning for selfies. But never mind: I hope your batteries were re-charged and you had a rest, anyway.”

Stephen Smith, who posts YouTube rants about the Labour Party whilst naked, describes himself as “neuro-divergent Labour”, which Guido thinks is the first time he has come across someone self-defining, in other words, as loony Labour.

Corbyn must be the unluckiest anti-racist in Britain, he breaks lockdown protocols to travel to the Isle of Wight from London, to hang out with another Israel-obsessed suspended Labour Party activist, though at least the “crazy naturist who believes in socialism” was clothed at the time…

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