WATCH: May Makes Kinnock Correct the Record in Her Favour

During a debate on the Illegal Migration Bill yesterday, Stephen Kinnock made the bold claim “The party opposite has spent the last five or six years completely destroying our relationships with our European neighbours”. Theresa May was also present, and wasn’t going to take this sitting down, she intervened:

“He said we’d spent the last five or six years destroying our relationship with France, perhaps he might like to reduce that by, I think, two?”

“That’s one of the best interventions I have ever received” replied Kinnock.

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Labour’s Mixed Messaging Over ID Cards

Labour seems to be in a state of confusion over plans to revive Gordon Brown’s big state proposals for national ID cards. This morning The Times reported that shadow cabinet minister Stephen Kinnock said they were “on the table”:

“That is certainly something that Labour is reviewing and will be looking at very carefully…”

He added ID cards would be “so helpful” in reassuring the public that the government had control of its borders. 

Yet just minutes later, Yvette Cooper gave a firm “no” when asked by Today if the party was considering them:

“We would have stronger employment enforcement and proper standards in place, as well as the stronger action to crack down on the criminal gangs.”

Labour policy seems to be suffering something of an identity crisis itself…

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Police Attack Stephen Kinnock for Essential Traveling

Since the lockdown came into force last week, along with the emergency powers act being passed, it’s not gone unnoticed by the public that the police have gone ever so slightly maniacal with power. Today South Wales Police have taken to shaming MP Stephen Kinnock for dropping off supplies at his dad, Neil’s, house before having a brief, socially-distanced birthday chat.

Thankfully it seems an amicable relationship has returned between Kinnock and his local police

South Wales join a pool of police forces which, in addition to allowing newly-received powers to go to their heads, are going far beyond their legislated-for powers, including:

  • Using drones to photograph those doing their daily allowed exercise
  • Dyeing a beautiful local lake black to deter tourists
  • Dictating to shop owners what are the essential items they can sell
  • Telling off shop owners for chalking two-meter lines outside their shops to enforce customer social-distancing
  • Claiming outdoor exercise is limited to one hour

The police can’t be given carte blanch to incorrectly interpret the law in their own authoritarian way – far beyond what the Government has actually legislated for…

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Labour Leadership Race Splits Kinnock Family

Guido has noticed an interesting rift in one of the most important Labour dynasties. Former leader Neil Kinnock and his son Stephen are backing Lisa Nandy for the leadership. However, former Ed Miliband aide and Stephen’s sister, Rachel Kinnock, has just signed up to Jess Phillips’ campaign team as the campaign event manager. Guido hopes it all stays civil, for the sake of Christmas dinner. After all, it’s not like family rifts have developed in the Labour Party before

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Labour MPs Call for Corbyn to Explain Himself Over Anti-Semitic Book Endorsement

Labour’s response to Corbyn’s endorsement of a book rife with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories so far has been to release a statement defending the book as a “classic study of imperialism” and sending Rebecca Long-Bailey out on a broadcast round to laugh about the issue. Labour candidates have been suspended for sharing Rothschild conspiracy theories online, this is their woeful response to Corbyn endorsing an entire book of them:

“Jeremy praised the Liberal Hobson’s century-old classic study of imperialism in Africa and Asia. Similarly to other books of its era, Hobson’s work contains outdated and offensive references and observations, and Jeremy completely rejects the antisemitic elements of his analysis.”

Labour MPs have called on Corbyn to explain himself directly, instead of sending out other MPs to defend him and hiding behind statements. Wes Streeting says that “if he wants to defend the indefensible he should go on the airwaves and defend himself”:

Stephen Kinnock is “deeply concerned” and calls on Corbyn to “make a public statement or do an interview about the issue”, Ruth Smeeth retweeted the Jewish Labour Movement’s statement calling for Corbyn to “consider his position”. Other moderate Labour big beasts like Tom Watson have ignored the issue altogether so far. Will they stand up and call out something they know is wrong or just turn a blind eye?

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Kinnock’s Insurance Slip Up

Labour’s Stephen Kinnock made himself look a bit silly in the Commons yesterday, as he implied he had never taken out an insurance policy before.

Kinnock: The backstop is an insurance policy. Can the Prime Minister give us an example of any insurance policy she has ever seen or signed up to that was based on an expiry date?

PM TM: I do not know what insurance policies the hon. Gentleman takes out, but most insurance policies have a renewal date.

Being the son of a Labour leader and EU Commissioner, as well as the husband of a former Danish Prime Minister, Guido suspects that Kinnock Jr. doesn’t worry about menial tasks such as insurance policies. Awkward.

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