Cops Called to Fight At Tory Youth Event

A young Tory event has yet again descended into violence after a fight broke out in Westminster last night. The bash was organised by Stephen Canning, the Tory Twitter personality who is currently suspended from the Conservative Party (some sources claim he was not present at the time of the assault, others say he was). It was also attend by dozens of young twenty-something Tories and Dan Hodges. Guido has spoken to one of the two girls involved in the fracas which took place at Whitehall pub Walkers. She said:

“A full glass of red wine was poured over me. In the confusion a glass was smashed. I thought I was going to be stabbed with the shards. I was badly scratched on the chest. The police came and took CCTV.”

The other girl involved in the fracas has told friends the scratch was sustained in self defence because she was fending off an attempted punch. Guido understands CCHQ is aware of the incident and a complaint has been made to the party. Can’t young Tories just have one event that doesn’t become a story…

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Suspended Tory Youth Star in Leaked Messages: “I Hit Him, I Hurt a Guy, Think I’m In Trouble”

These are the messages that purportedly show Tory rising star Stephen Canning admitting he hit a rival in a bar fight. Screenshots reveal Canning wrote in an online chat: “I hit him… everyone’s mad, cause he [sic] blood and ambulance… I hurt a guy, Think I’m in trouble.” A friend replied: “I’m glad you punched him… why are your nights out so dramatic.”

Guido showed the messages to Canning this morning. In an interesting statement, he said:

“These messages bear no resemblance to any situation that has ever occurred. On this night, and no night I’ve attended, has anyone been punched, shed blood or had ambulances present. To claim this situation occurred is simply a lie. On the night in question I protected a young female activist from harassment, something I will not apologise for.”

Yesterday The Mail on Sunday reported Canning is suspended from the Tory party after an alleged fracas at Maggie’s nightclub, Chelsea. The Essex councillor told the paper that he was defending a female friend from harassment by an ex-boyfriend. Yesterday Canning also said in a statement on Facebook:

“I deny in the strongest possible way anything of this sort ever taking place.”

Punchy denial given the messages…

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