Barclay: We Can Now See a New Deal Landing Zone
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Barclay: I’d Rather Back a ‘Hulk’ Leader than one on the Chicken Run
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Government Repeals the European Communities Act 1972

As Guido reported he would on Friday, Steven Barclay has “signed the legislation setting in stone the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972. This is a landmark moment in taking back control of our law. It underlines that we are leaving the EU on October 31”. Back in 2012, after thousands of Guido’s readers mandated for him to do so in an innovative crowd-sourcing of legislation, Douglas Carswell presented a bill to Repeal the European Communities Act 1972:

Now Boris has made it happen. What a change from the days when a Tory government actively blocked the repeal. It has taken 7 years, we’re winning co-conspirators, we’re winning…

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Boris Set to End Supremacy of EU Law in Days

Boris has directed Stephen Barclay to sign the official order to end EU law’s supremacy in Britain, a move that Steve Baker described to The Times as “absolutely totemic”, proving Boris is “willing to leave on a fixed date with no question of extension. It’s the do-or-die pledge in black and white”. Just one of the many jobs May never got round to doing…

Whilst MPs voted for the EU Withdrawal Act in 2018, which repealed the original legislation making us members of the EEC, it required a “commencement order” to come into force, which Barclay is expected to sign imminently. Not only does the Government’s move show Boris is totally serious in his Brexit pledge, since it does not involve MPs – by which Guido means Remainers – Parliament cannot interfere with the process. Surprise surprise, Dominic Grieve is not happy. The Tories’ wannabe Remoaner in Chief begrudgingly admitted that he can’t stop the order being signed. He’s reduced to admitting he will have to try to reverse it retrospectively…

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Steve Barclay: ‘Indicative Votes’ Would Not Be Binding
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SpAd Moves: Downing Street Departures

Following the news that May’s close adviser Alex Dawson is leaving No 10 for Peter Mandelson’s Global Counsel outfit, Guido can reveal another move with Kenny Ferguson also leaving Downing Street to become Special Adviser to Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay alongside Steph Lis. Ferguson had been Downing Street’s Chief Press Officer for Brexit and the Economy since October 2017 and was previously at the Treasury and DfID. Congratulations…

Guido can also confirm Amber Rudd’s lineup at DWP. Rudd has kept on Esther McVey’s SpAds Alex Hitchcock and Jean-Andre Prager, who continues to work between DWP and No 10, alongside Jason Stein who joined from the Treasury in December. Get in touch with any further updates…

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