Flint: Second Referendum MPs are Patronising and Offensive

Wake Up With Ridge on Sunday

In a quick response to to Andrew Marr’s hurried announcement yesterday that his Sunday show is moving to ten o’clock, Ridge is grabbing the nine o’clock slot. Of course Peston has beaten them both by retreating to Wednesday nights. This all brings back memories of the great morning email wars of of 2017.* Smart move. Ridge will now be more likely to set the agenda…

*Won by Politico’s Jack Blanchard.

Marr Moving to 10AM

Andrew Marr, presumably accidentally, publicly tweeted to Sophy Ridge that his flagship BBC Sunday morning show is moving from 9AM to 10AM.

Longer Sunday lie-ins ahead for politicos? 

UPDATE: Andrew has deleted the tweet, and a hasty public announcement has been made.

Corbyn: Legalise Medical Cannabis, Decriminalise Possession

Something Guido and Corbyn agree on, it is past urgent that medical cannabis is decrimalised and possession of recreational cannabis should be decriminalised too. Sajid looks likely to enable the former if not the latter…

Ridge Introduces Leader of “Scottish Labia”

The face on Kezia Dugdale…

Ridge Tests Nuttall’s Knowledge of Seat

Ridge on Sunday Highlights

Woolfe: Full Length Interview

Farage: Uncontrolled Immigration Adds to Terror Worries

Nuttall: I’ve Never Been Caught in Paedophile Gang

“I didn’t lie about weapons of mass destruction, I didn’t send anyone into an illegal war, I didn’t say anything racist, I’ve never been caught in a paedophile gang.”

Unconventional line of defence from Nuttall…

Diane Abbott: Case for Parliamentary Inquiry into Racist & Sexist Abuse

Harman: Very Bad Time for Labour

She says it is not an existential crisis for Labour. Yet…

She also regrets not challenging Ed Miliband for the party leadership:

Would history be different if she had lead Labour rather than Miliband? Perhaps…

Jarvis: Not Racist To Be Concerned About Immigration

Sophy on Sunday

Sky News have a new rival to the all male Sunday morning presenters of Marr, Brillo and Peston: Sophy Ridge will be hosting a new political programme called “Sophy Ridge on Sunday”. The show promises to get out of the Westminster bubble and “investigate how decisions made by the political elite affect the public and their lives”. Should mix it up a bit.

Sophy Ridge C-Bombs Jeremy Hunt

Boulton, pro that it he is, barely reacts, watch the eyes…

Corbyn Refuses to Answer National Anthem Question

He can’t get away with not answering questions when he is leader…

Sky News: Gangsta’s Paradise

Eat your heart out Iggy Azalea! Sky News political correspondent Sophy Ridge stars in this actually-not-bad lip-sync production of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise:

You’re used to seeing Paul Harrison standing outside Buckingham Palace talking about the Queen, but here is his bold attempt at Will Smith’s Summertime:

All brought to you by Sky cameraman Chris Pearson. Happy Monday morning…

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Quote of the Day

David Gauke rejects Corbyn as a ‘national unity PM’

If anyone thinks the answer is Jeremy Corbyn, I think they’re probably asking the wrong question.


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