Corbyn Rolls Eyes and Sighs at Labour Anti-Semitism Question

When interviewed by Sophy Ridge yesterday, Corbyn rolled his eyes and audibly sighed when asked a question about the anti-Semitism endemic in his party. Not a good look…

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Burgon Bungles Attempt to Browbeat Sophy Ridge

Richard Burgon evidently hasn’t done much to refine his interview technique since his mauling by Emma Barnett over the lies he told about his Zionist rant. This time the ham-fisted Corbynista tried to browbeat Sophy Ridge by trying to turn the questions round and claiming she hadn’t read Gloria De Piero’s resignation speech. Which she obviously had. Downright embarrassing yet again from the man who wants to be Justice Secretary…

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IDS Will Not Vote For May’s Deal mdi-timer 25th November 2018 @ 10:34 am 25th Nov 2018 @ 10:34 am mdi-comment Comments
Lisa Nandy Will Not Vote For May’s Deal

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Brokenshire: No Deal Preparations Continuing ‘At Pace’

“The Chancellor announced an extra £500 million in the Budget a few weeks ago, which takes our total commitment to no deal preparations since 2016 up to £4 billion, 106 technical notices that have already been published, and therefore how we will continue in parallel to continue that no deal preparations are maintained.”

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May: There Is More Negotiation Taking Place

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