Government’s Celebrity SpAd Appointment

Guido thought James Cleverly hiring former BBC star Giles Dilnot as his media SpAd would be the highest-profile addition to the SpAd world. News from the Chief Whips’ office knocks Dilnot out of the park, however. Guido hears former child acting star-turned Tory spinner Skandar Keynes has been hired as an advisor in Wendy Morton’s new No. 12 Downing Street office. Skandar will be well-known to a lot of Gen-Z politicos, after starring as Edmund in the hit 2005 adaptation of The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe…

Does Skandar’s appointment signify a new ‘Ice Queen’ approach to keeping the troops in line by Wendy Morton? MPs will be hoping her new right-hand man lives up to his on-screen moniker of ‘King Edmund the Just’. Guido looks forward to the next publication of the SpAd’s register of interests: will Skandar be able to avoid the Turkish Delight temptations from lobbyists?

Read Guido’s current SpAd list in full below:

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