Lefty Life Expectancy Report Author Challenged on His Analysis

Michael Marmot, the lefty author of a report that attempts to link austerity with a slowdown in the speed at which life expectancy is increasing in the UK, was not happy with the first interview that actually challenged him on his conclusions. Marmot: you either love him or you hate him…

When LBC’s Iain Dale explained, as Guido did yesterday, that the same life expectancy change has occurred right across Europe, under radically different styles of government, Marmot was not happy, telling Dale “we can have a discussion about the causes, but I’m sorry I’ve had a long day going through all of this, and I’m not going to have an argument with you about the numbers in front of us.”

Guido hears Marmot told LBC producers it was the worst interview he had done that day. Presumably because it was the only one that countered him with facts…

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Life Expectancy Report Was Written By Left-Wing Activist

The BBC is lathering coverage over a new report claiming that austerity caused a slowdown in the rate of increase of life expectancy. This slowdown is not a new finding, it has been discussed for years and is the reasoning behind the “130,000 deaths from austerity” lie. The problem is that whilst left wing academics try to link it to austerity, the same slowdown in life expectancy growth has been true in Portugal, Hungary, Spain, the Netherlands and France — not just the UK.

Why has this been so politicised? The author of the report, Michael Marmot, is a far left activist. In regular articles for The Guardian, tax-and-spend obsessed Marmot has:

  • Claimed support for ever higher tax rates is no longer the view of ‘the left fringe’.
  • Criticised fiscal controls.
  • Called for higher taxes.
  • Championed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recommended 70% marginal tax rate on higher earners.

Not that this activist history was mentioned in the BBC’s reporting. In fact this morning on the Today Programme, The BBC introduced him as someone commissioned by the coalition government, when the reality was he was working for Gordon Brown’s government.  The corporation only belatedly corrected this on their Twitter account…

The BBC continually promotes left-wing campaigners as if they are impartial academic experts. Whenever advocates for lower taxes appear their ideological leanings are highlighted. The same highlighting should apply to left-wing activists…

UPDATE: Chris Snowdon has taken apart the report here.

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