PMQs Sketch: Westminster Running Round the Rings of Power

After the summer season finale of the Tory Trilogy, and the ludicrously far-fetched denouement of the previous narrative ball-carrier, we are into the new September season release. History may term it a prequel, an origin story of the Apocalypse playing out in real time before a general audience.

At 12.00 in the chamber of the House of Commons, an invited audience assembled to view Storm Rider, the pilot of this much-trailed debut of the season’s showcase series.

It’s hard to know if the show is going to rate highly enough to recoup the multi-billion pound production costs – It is thought to be the most expensive drama ever attempted. The sheer spectacle may be enough to engage audiences but will the narrative twists and special effects make up for the lack of continuity, the well-worn dialogue, the furious complexity of the relationships?

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