Poet Laureate: Covid is Caused by Humanity’s Abuse of Animals and Herbicides

Asked on Sky News this morning how worried he is about the future of the planet, the UK’s poet laureate expressed sympathy with Extinction Rebellion and said that he’s “very worried“, reminiscing about the time before Covid when the ‘climate crisis’ was “top of the agenda”. Incredibly he then went on to say that the two subjects aren’t unrelated:

“one of the reasons why we’re dealing with Covid and we’re experiencing its spread and transition is to do with the way we live. It’s to do with our proximity to the animal world, it’s to do with the loss of habitat, it’s to do with the use of pesticides and herbicides and insecticides, and our treatment of animals.” 

The laureate is paid with 600 bottles of Sherry – Guido wonders how many were consumed prior to his interview…

Simon Armitage, CBE, FRSL was invited onto Sky News to discuss the launch of the newly-announced “Laurel Prize”, to be awarded annually to the best published collection of environmental or nature poetry. Guido knows how witty his co-conspirators can be – so comments are open to your own entries…

Guido’s own entry:

There was a young Greta from Sweden

Who wanted a global Garden of Eden.

When asked with demur,

Why we should listen to her,

She replied “I can think of no reason”.

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