Green Party Can’t Answer How They’ll Pay for £1 Trillion Spending Commitments
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Green Co-Leader: I’ve Done Coke

Looking to get in on the action, the co-leader of the Green Party has told the world that she did cocaine when she was younger. Is anyone surprised?

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Delusional Democracy

This is an absolute classic of the “we only lost in one version of reality” genre. That version of objective reality being the one that can count votes. According to the Green Party’s Siân Berry, if you add up all the votes of the parties that lost, they won. If Bad Al is a “weapon of mass delusion”, what is Siân?

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Green Party ‘Co-Leaders’ Have Three Jobs Each, He’s Paid to Lead, She’s Not


The Greens got very worked up yesterday about Guido’s exclusive story that the party only paid one of their ‘co-leaders’, Jonathan Bartley, whilst Sian Berry got nothing from the party. Typical of the responses was from Jenny Jones, the Green Baroness tweeted that

“Sian has a full time job, Jon doesn’t. We Greens are not greedy. Hard to understand, isn’t it??”

Very noble, and it is fair to say that Sian is paid generously by the rate payers of Camden where she is a councillor and London where she is an Assembly member. Her co-leadership of the Green Party is the third of her part-time jobs.

Jenny and others owe Guido an apology because the co-leadership of the Green Party is the third of Jonathan’s part-time jobs too. He is paid a 5-figure allowance by the rate payers of Lambeth for being a councillor and will receive extra by virtue of being leader of the opposition on Lambeth Council. So his co-leadership is the third of his part-time jobs too. Except he is paid and she is not for “co-leading” the Green Party.

If Jonathan and Sian are both genuine co-leaders, both with two ratepayer paid elected positions, why is only one paid for their leadership of the Green Party? Academic research suggests that the gender pay-gap is often because men are more aggressive when it comes to pay negotiations. The inequality in pay implies Jonathan is the real (paid) leader of the party and Sian is just an unpaid fig-leaf for spin purposes. Otherwise why aren’t they paid equally for their equal work as the law insists they should be?

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Green Party ‘Co-Leaders’:
He’s Paid, She Isn’t!

The Green Party’s leadership election results were announced yesterday, and to no one’s surprise the joint ticket that already comprised ‘co-leader’ Jonathan Bartley won, with London Assembly member Sian Berry being swapped in to replace Caroline Lucas.

Bartley, according to Green Party press office is “paid the London Living Wage”, which is £19,890 per annum, whilst his ‘co-leader’ Sian is not paid anything at all for doing the same job. Either they’re not genuinely co-leaders, or the Greens have the biggest gender pay gap in all of politics…

Sian says that “co-leadership really does embody the values of the Green Party.” Values like paying men and women different wages for the same job? Or is Bartley really the leader and Sian’s role is merely to be the Green Party’s fig-leaf?

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