Corbyn Meets With Jewish Anti-Gay Campaigner

This morning Jeremy Corbyn met with anti-sex education activist Shraga Stern, in an apparent misjudged attempt to appear to reach out to the Jewish community. Stern was told just last month by Stamford Hill rabbis to cease his homophobic campaigning. Shraga Stern drafted lawyers to write to the Education Secretary, calling education on LGBT+ relationships “morally unacceptable and unlawful.” He joined the Muslim sex education protests in Birmingham, and argues that schools should have no role in teaching relationships and sex education. A Jewish Labour Movement source told Guido:

“It’s a shame that the only representatives of any part of the Jewish community that Corbyn is prepared to listen to are those from its most reactionary sections. Shraga Stern has been an inveterate campaigner against children being taught that LGBT people exist. His views and tactics do not represent the vast bulk of the Jewish community.”

Why won’t Corbyn meet with mainstream members of the Jewish community..?

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