SNP Minister Apologises for Leaked WhatsApps Calling Deputy First Minister a “Cold Fish” And Mocking Angus Robertson’s Ego

An SNP minister has apologised for WhatsApp messages in which she blasted her party, cabinet colleagues, the coronation and other MSPs. In the leaked messages revealed by the Daily Record, Drugs Minister Elena Whitham called Deputy First Minister Shona Robison a “cold fish” who was “painful to listen to” and joked 🙄 the ego has landed” when Angus Robertson was appointed to cabinet. Ouch.

Her criticisms also got more serious as, on two occasions, she launched at the Westminster group’s support for Patrick Grady:

“Honestly why didn’t we act?”

“Wtf. Who is recording group meetings?! And why are we supporting Grady?? Honestly.

She has a point…

Whitham’s barbs weren’t just reserved for her fellow scot nats. On Tory MSP Brian Whittle, she said “f**k me, Whittle is a pr*ck” as she also grew frustrated with the “royalist b****cks” of the Platinum Jubilee. Whitham has since apologised, saying “These comments were not acceptable and I apologise sincerely.” She now may take the high road, Guido however doubts her sincerity,…

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