Paul Mason “Aggressive and Intimidating” Towards Female LBC Producer

Latest on Paul Mason’s shouty crackers descent into mid-life crisis. Shelagh Fogarty has just revealed on air that the leather-jacked Corbyn outrider this morningĀ “bellowed” down the phone at a female LBC producer in an “aggressive” manner, leaving the woman feel “intimidated“. Apparently he was ranting that LBC want to destroy Corbyn and the Labour Party, which is a bit odd given the previous show was James O’Brien. Calm down Paul, step away from the phone…

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Dave: You Can Grill Me As Hot as You Like

CameronĀ tells Shelagh Fogarty on LBC:

“I like having a ding-dong with you… You can grill me as hot as you like.”

Steady on, Prime Minister…

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