Head of Starmer’s Old School Hopes Sir Keir “Sees Sense”

Shaun Fenton, headteacher at private Reigate Grammar School, on how Keir Starmer benefited from attending a school that was private for most of his time there.

“You can’t solve the problem of the country’s education system by taxing seven percent of the children. And in fact, it won’t be seven percent of the children being taxed will it, because thousands and thousands will leave independent schools and go to state schools. So you’re then taxing, let’s say, three or four percent of the children. Everyone knows this isn’t really going to raise any money and it’s not going to solve any education problems. And we’d be the only country in Europe doing this. This isn’t really what we should be talking about, is it?

“I think [Keir] had a great education at Reigate Grammar School and what’s brilliant is when he joined Reigate it was a state school. But for most of his time here it was an independent school. So he’s had the benefit of both… I’m proud of all our former students and I’m delighted that he’s doing so well in his chosen career. And that’s brilliant. Good for you Keir.”

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