Labour Members Attack London Labour For Shaun Bailey Hit Piece

The London Labour account was absolutely rinsed on Twitter this morning by Labour supporters, attacking the party for amplifying a hit-piece against Tory mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey, over his comments on Blair’s policing strategy. Hoards of Labour supporters and members replied to the tweet dragging the Labour Party for trying to sound tough on law and order…

Check out more hilarious anti-Labour replies from their own supporters here

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Shaun Bailey Calls for Sadiq to Apologise Over Fake News Facebook Ads

Sadiq Khan appears to have wheeled out a new tactic in attempt to get re-elected as London Mayor – wheeling out fake news attack ads against Shaun Bailey on Facebook. The London Labour Party’s Facebook page has been promoting a story from ‘Inside Croydon’ which claims that Bailey is considering scrapped Freedom Passes for people between 60 and 75. The only problem is it’s completely untrue…

The Inside Croydon blog is heavily partisan against the Tories, the article itself cites no sources, it simply says that the suggestion was raised at a “discussion forum” at last year’s Conservative Party Conference. As Adam Bienkov’s snarky live-tweets from the session make clear, the idea was just an unprompted suggestion from a member of the audience. Long after Bailey himself had left

Team Bailey say they have tried to correct the story but have been ignored – Bailey’s publicly-stated policy is to “protect the Freedom Pass”. Bailey has now written formally to Khan to complain about Labour sharing the story which is “not only disingenuous but completely false and unacceptable” and call for Khan to retract the advert and apologise. Read his letter in full here

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Sadiq’s Labour Government Slammed Rent Controls in 2010

Sadiq Khan’s rent control policy launch hasn’t exactly been an unmitigated success, it’s already been branded “economically illiterate” by most economists while the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry has dismissed it as a “pre-election populist measure that places blame on landlords but ignores the problems of the London housing market” which will only “reduce the supply of rented housing further over time and raise housing costs in the long run”. Meanwhile Shaun Bailey is actually launching house-building policies instead of just trying to bash landlords…

Sadiq could have saved himself a lot of time and hassle if he’d just read this Treasury report from February 2010, which explains:

“A key factor behind the decline in the private rented sector was the introduction of rent controls during the First World War. Artificially low rents reduced investment in the sector, contributing to a tenure shift to owner-occupation and lower maintenance standards in the stock that remained. The low quality of stock that had resulted from rent controls also deterred many potential tenants.”

“Rent controls had a particularly negative effect impact on both supply and quality of UK rental accommodation over the period to 1988.”

“The impact of pre-1988 rent controls was that little new private rental sector stock entered the market, with long-run rates of return being depressed. What stock remained tended to be older than in other tenures, and of lower quality, as the use value of higher quality stock was considerably higher in the owner-occupied sector, resulting in tenure switch. Those who remained often lacked funds (or incentives) for the adequate repair and improvement of properties. Many consider rent control to have been a major factor to the subsequent delay of much of the inner city housing stock.”

Who was a Minister attending Cabinet in the Labour Government which produced the report? Sadiq Khan!

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Exclusive: Shaun Bailey is Tory Mayoral Candidate

Guido sources say the Tory London mayoral result was Shaun Bailey 44%, Andrew Boff 35%, Joy Morrissey 21% on first preferences. Shaun won 53% after second preferences were taken into account. Official announcement due later…

UPDATE: Ladbrokes make him 3/1 to be next Mayor. It is going to take a heck of a fight…

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Tory Mayoral Runners & Riders

Shaun Bailey

Elected to the London Assembly two years ago, Bailey is the favourite in the contest, 3/1 to win against Khan, and seen as CCHQ’s preferred candidate. Co-founded a youth charity and can sometimes be found back-flipping across City Hall. Born in North Kensington, to parents who came to Britain from Jamaica. Firm favourite to win…

Endorsed by: Greg Hands, Zac Goldsmith, David Evennett, Chris Philp, Nick Hurd, Michael Gove, Conservative Friends of Israel, Evening Standard.

Joy Morrissey

American. Ealing Councillor. Former Centre for Social Justice wonk. Stood for Ealing Central and Acton in 2017. Once rode a man like a pantomime horse in a comedy ‘bonk fest‘. Fan of free markets and individual responsibility. Lower profile…

Endorsed by: Justine Greening, Vicky Ford, Andrea Leadsom, Mark Field, Priti Patel, Iain Duncan Smith, Andrew Rosindell, Bernard Jenkin, Guy Opperman, Stephen Hammond, Nicky Morgan.

Andrew Boff

Sound as a pound. A member of the London Assembly since 2008, Boff regularly takes Sadiq Khan to task in Mayor’s Question Time. He is a tax cutting, weed legalising, tube automating, spending slashing, true blue “liberal and Conservative”. Despite strong support from young socially liberal Tories, he is the perennial runner-up, having fought for the Tory London Mayoral nomination in 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2016. Deserves a seat in Parliament…

Endorsed by: Theresa Villiers, Bob Neill, Penny Mordaunt, think tankers galore.

Registered members of the Conservative Party in London have been emailed ballots and have until 5pm on Wednesday 26th September to vote…

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Dent Coad Also Called Bailey ‘Ghetto Man Low Life’

Jeremy Corbyn is facing calls to take action against Emma Dent Coad after Guido revealed she called black Tory candidate Shaun Bailey a “token ghetto boy” and “scumbag”. It turns out that was not the only time. Guido has found this tweet from 2011 in which she again attacked Bailey, calling him “ghetto man” and “a low life”. There is no context that explains this away. If this was a Tory MP Labour would be calling on them to go…

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