BBC Shamelessly Promotes “Staunchly Anti-Conservative” Grifter

The BBC’s editorial team is displaying characteristic news sense today, leading with a story about the face reveal of an internet celebrity only recognised by Twitter-obsessed hardline centrists. A story with the headline “Man behind Secret Tory tweets unmasked himself” is on the front page of BBC News as well as the politics, culture and UK pages, and has been tweeted from the BBC News UK Twitter account, followed by 15.1 Million people. It also made it to the homepage of the entire corporation. Even in recess, “Twitter account revealed to be personal trainer from Yorkshire” should hardly top the news agenda…

The story is essentially a puff piece for his book, worth tens of thousands in free publicity. As a result, Guido has taken the liberty of doing the BBC’s basic journalistic duty for them, with a Tory source saying:

“We’ve never heard of ‘Secret Tory’, but we are surprised that the BBC deemed that someone with a bad haircut posting clichéd left wing ‘comedy’ on Twitter is something that licence fee payers will be interested in.”

Although the ‘secret Tory’ was always open about being a parody, this didn’t stop the more gullible members of the Twitterati buying into it. Speaking of news, have the BBC got anything to say about Carole Cadwalladr’s loss yet? Or have they forgotten about it?

UPDATE: Not content with plastering “staunchly anti-Conservative” Tom Morris’s face all over their online output, the corporation has now handed him his very own media round on a silver platter, courtesy of an interview on BBC News. Co-conspirators can watch his appearance in full below…

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