MP Admits Knife GPS Tracker Idea Was ‘Probably A Bit Sh*t’

Scott Mann has made a pretty decent recovery from his hilariously bad ‘knife GPS’ idea this morning, reading through joke tweet replies with Johnny Mercer. Although Guido agrees he does have a point about knife crime being a serious issue. 17.4 million people were stabbed in the back yesterday…

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Not the Sharpest MP

Scott Mann, the Tory MP for North Cornwall, has come out with an interesting solution to the knife crisis, put a GPS tracker in the handle of every knife and put knife owners in a national database. So that is every household in the country- well apart possibly from Scott Mann’s. He shouldn’t be allowed sharp instruments…

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Mann Overboard

Treasury PPS Scott Mann is the latest to resign over Chequers:

Following Robert Courts yesterday, who managed to time his resignation at half an hour before the World Cup Final kicked off:

Sounds like there will be more…

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Water Fib! Tory Non-Swimmer Claimed to Be Surfer Boy


Local Cornwall residents were surprised to read over the weekend that Tory MP Scott Mann cannot swim and had to be saved by his colleague Johnny Mercer after getting in trouble in the water. Mann wrote on HuffPo: “I am an adult and I am unable to swim” as he recalled his ordeal. All the more curious considering how just two months ago Mann was pictured in the Bude and Stratton Post “surfing in his spare time”, posing in a wet suit as he campaigned to scrap a “surf tax”. The picture above was taken by his parliamentary researcher just in time for the press release attacking the tax. Presumably Mann wasn’t keen to be snapped in the water. Post-truth politics is making waves…

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Office Politics: Osborne Faces Cornish Rebellion

Backbencher George Osborne has been scouting out a new office in parliament. He had a good look around the triple-room shared by Tory MPs Steve Double, Scott Mann and Derek Thomas – as the home to three MPs it is one of the largest offices on the parliamentary estate. The suspicion is the former Chancellor wants to turf out his colleagues and have it all to himself. Double, Mann and Thomas have marked their territory by emblazoning the door with a sign warning potential new tenants that this is the “Cornish Embassy”. After the pasty tax, people will be starting to wonder what George has against the Cornish…

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