Baroness Warsi Speaking With Terrorist Organisation in Parliament

Former Conservative Party Chair Baroness Warsi is set to speak at a ‘Palestine in Parliament’ event tomorrow, where she will “hear directly from”, among others, Interpalan organisation that has been classified as a ‘Specially Designated Global Terrorist’ entity by the USA.

According to the US Treasury Department, Interpal is one of several “charities that provide support to Hamas and form part of its funding network in Europe.” Its managing trustee, Essam Mustafa, is a former member of Hamas’s executive committee and was recently pictured clapping and singing with Hamas’s leader, Ismail Haniyeh, on an official visit to Gaza. What is Baroness Warsi doing speaking alongside an organisation like that?

UPDATE: Originally set to take place tomorrow, the Chair of the Britain-Palestine APPG RIchard Burden has emailed invitees saying “regrettably we have had to postpone this reception owing to the Brexit debate and vote now scheduled for the same date in the Commons.” Perhaps this postponement may now become indefinite…

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Warsi Wanted to Remain in EU

Sayeeda Warsi, speaking in 2013:

“Membership of the EU is in the UK’s national interests”

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Time to Say-eeda Goodbye…

“Although I was never a member of the group, I did hum along to one of their songs two weeks ago…”

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Warsi ‘Defection’ Unravels

The Times have watered down their mischievous first edition claiming Sayeeda Warsi has ‘defected’ from Leave to Remain. No one in Vote Leave thought she was a Brexit supporter or is aware of her doing any campaigning for them at all. She has only tweeted about Vote Leave once – ten days ago – to attack them. She did not appear on the website of pro-Leave group Muslims for Britain. In February Warsi told Eurosceptic campaigners she had not declared. When Dan Hannan invited her to join the Leave campaign, she declined. Neil Kinnock even once backed her for EU commissioner…

What about her own words? Speaking in 2013, Sayeeda said:

“Membership of the EU is in the UK’s national interest”

In 2014 she said:

“One of the things that attracted me to David Cameron was that he was not obsessed with Europe and immigration. I would hate to think that is where we end up again – obsessing with Europe and immigration.”

And in 2011 she told the Tory group of MEPs she explicitly supported being a member of the EU:

“Now is not the time to turn our backs on our friends. We must continue the work we have started together. This is the work that Margaret Thatcher began, bringing about growth through a competitive single market. And that must be our mission today. And with that, it is my great pleasure to introduce a man who is leading this mission [William Hague]. A man who fought a campaign about being in Europe but not run by Europe. He was criticised – but he was right.”

Forget dead cat, Downing Street and Sayeeda have sold the Times a pup…

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Warsi Praises Terror-Supporting ‘Arab Pop Idol’

Last week Sayeeda Warsi attended the premiere of a new film starring the winner of Arab Pop Idol, Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf. She praised Assaf for bringing “hope“:


This is Assaf’s latest song, released at the height of the ongoing violence in Israel. The video includes footage of balaclava-clad Palestinians attacking Israelis, and references the locations of the spate of recent stabbings:

The lyrics clearly incite violence against Israelis:

“We are your soliders, full of courage and dignity, if our souls are the price of freedom we will glady pay… They rose to fight the occupiers… be strong, the resistance will win and victory will come… There is no perseverance like yours in Jerusalem and Affoulah, in Nabrus, Hebron and Ramallah… Some were martyred, some were injured, their blood blossomed and our precious blood is still spilling… Salute the determined people who are resisting the occupiers, fight back until you defeat the aggressor”

Warsi follows Assaf on Twitter, where he has posted the video. He also posted this graphic, which praises Palestinian terrorists who stabbed and murdered Israeli civilians as “martyrs“:

Hamas have praised him as an “ambassador for Palestinian art“. Surely Sayeeda didn’t know that this “art” was glorifying violence?

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Warsi Blames Tories For Jihadis Joining ISIS

Another measured and constructive contribution to political discourse from Sayeeda Warsi on the Today programme this morning. As a 17 year old Brit blows himself up in Iraq and a Bradford family goes missing, who does the Baroness blame for the radicalisation of Muslims?

“Let’s first of all be very clear about finding the evidence base of what are the drivers to radicalisation. It may make for uncomfortable reading but it is only when we start to have that honest conversation that we unpick what is now becoming a generational challenge…

Sadly over the last six or seven years there has been a policy of disengagement with British Muslim communities. It is incredibly odd and incredibly worrying that over time more and more individuals, more and more organisations are considered by the government to be beyond the pale and therefore not to be engaged with … Unfortunately the coalition government carried on that policy. It is now time to end that policy of disengagement and start speaking to the British Muslim communities”

Exactly which individuals and organisations considered “beyond the pale” does Warsi want to engage with? Think she is taking this whole Corbyn fandom thing a bit too seriously…

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