‘I Know Better’ Labour MP Now Lies to His Constituents

Fresh from telling his constituents that he knows better than them, Labour’s Ipswich MP Sandy Martin has claimed in his ‘weekly column’ that the Prime Minister had met with Corbyn to discuss Brexit options. A meeting she offered but the Labour leader famously refused to accept…

“On Wednesday evening the Prime Minister finally agreed it might be sensible to speak to others, and Jeremy Corbyn met her to try to get her to rule out a no-deal Brexit completely, before negotiating a reasonable deal. So far, it appears she has refused.”

Sandy’s account is the opposite of the truth. Either he’s the least informed MP in Westminster, or he’s switched tactics from patronising his constituents to deliberately lying to them…

Ipswich MP: ‘I Know Better Than My Constituents’

Sandy Martin, the Labour MP who won Ipswich in 2017 by just 836 votes, has told local radio that he knows better than his own constituents, 57% of whom voted Leave.

“You know better than your constituents then?”

Sandy Martin: “Yeah, okay.”

Guido knows a lot of them think this, but it’s rare to have an MP so brazenly admit it. Probably won’t do his reelection bid much good…

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