Wes Streeting Backs Sam Tarry Rival Jas Athwal in Labour Re-Selection Civil War

Sam Tarry’s battle to retain his Ilford South seat in the Labour re-selection civil war is exposing the gulf between the left and right of the party, right up to the Shadow Cabinet. While Angie keeps schtum over her boyfriend’s fight, her frontbench colleague Wes Streeting has declared who he’s backing: his personal friend, and Tarry’s direct rival, Jas Athwal. Awkward. 

Streeting is now listed as the first endorser on Athwal’s campaign page, writing:

“I’m proud to have served as Jas’ Deputy Leader and prouder still to call him a friend. Nobody is more qualified to represent Ilford South in Parliament.”

He’s also recently changed his Facebook cover image to a snap featuring the pair alongside Sadiq Khan, which is no coincidence.

As LabourList point out, Tarry’s already had the likes of Barry Gardiner and Kate Osborne out on the trail for him. Sir Keir himself is keeping quiet, although given he sacked Tarry as Shadow Transport Minister in the first place, it doesn’t take a genius to work out his likely preference. Guido also notices Sir Keir appears in a photo alongside Athwal on the latter’s website…

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Sam Tarry Brings in Carter Ruck to Fight Party in Reselection Battle

Former Shadow Transport Secretary Minister Sam Tarry is declaring all-out war on the Labour Party, with solicitors from top law firm Carter-Ruck writing to Labour’s General Secretary David Evans to demand an immediate end to Tarry’s constituency reselection battle on the grounds of apparent “rule-breaking [and] voter fraud“. Carter-Ruck’s lawyers don’t come cheap. Presumably Tarry’s dipping into his union backers’ pockets to stump up the cash.

Writing this morning, Tarry’s lawyers said:

“Mr Tarry […] wrote to you on Tuesday 5 July 2022, raising very serious concerns about the manner in which that trigger ballot process had apparently been conducted, and informing you of the large volume of complaints that he had received from Labour Party members and affiliates around procedural irregularities, in addition to an alarming report of voter fraud. We are presently considering with Mr Tarry those reports of irregularities and malpractice, and their implications for the integrity of the trigger ballot process, but we refer you in full to our client’s correspondence in this regard […] There should clearly be no prospect of this process continuing further until the very serious matters raised by our client have been fully resolved.”

Either way, it’s not a fight LOTO are likely to back down on any time soon; Tarry’s already promised to ruin Starmer’s conference over his rail strike policy anyway. A Labour spokesperson declined to comment. Should make for awkward pillow talk with Angie…

Read the full letter below:

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Tarry to Lead Union Rebellion on Labour’s Strike Policy at Party Conference

Former Shadow Transport Minister Sam Tarry is set to lead the union’s charge to force a vote on strikes and pay rises at Labour conference next month. According to the Guardian, the campaign – organised by Momentum, obviously – will officially launch on Thursday, with Tarry accompanied by an all-star lineup including Dawn Butler, Jon Trickett, and Unison union president Andrea Egan. Presumably Angie will stay at home…

The motion will reportedly demand Labour supports rail staff pay increases in line with inflation, as per the unions’ previous demands which Tarry dutifully supported – and which got him sacked for “making up policy on the hoof”, as it was put at the time.

Now Tarry’s exacting revenge by trying to ruin Starmer’s conference:

“Labour has a huge chance to show it’s on the side of working people. But by firing shadow ministers like myself for standing on picket lines, Keir Starmer is in danger of driving a wedge between Labour and the millions of working people desperate for real relief in this escalating cost of living crisis. I am proud of our party’s historic links to the trade unions – it’s time all of our party were.”

He’s not going down without a fight…

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Neil Hamilton’s Big Bucks MP Donation

Today’s MP register of interests publication has had a fair amount of news squeezed from it. Guido covered Tom Tugendhat registering £124,000 in leadership donations among other candidates’ registrations; and the Mirror’s totted up that MPs have received £82,000 of freebie tickets to sporting and music events, including £6,200-worth of Ed Sheeran tickets. Scrolling through the register this morning, Guido almost got whiplash double taking at one entry submitted by hard-left MP Sam Tarry.£10,000 donation from the unlikeliest of names…

Has the UKIP leader quietly announced the biggest change of political heart since Christian Wakeford? Fortunately for UKIP, they don’t need to start the search for their twelfth leader in seven years. A UKIP spokesperson confirms Tarry’s coffers have definitely been topped up by a different Neil Hamilton…

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Rayner Backs Starmer Sacking her Boyfriend

Rayner’s decided to make her homelife rather awkward by wholeheartedly backing Sir Keir’s decision to sack boyfriend Sam Tarry from the frontbench over his decision to join the picket line. Speaking in Edinburgh, she’s told the press her boss was “completely within his rights” to choose his shadow team and she respects his decision in this case. That’s going to make for uncomfortable scenes at the dinner table tonight…

“Keir Starmer is the leader of the Labour Party. It’s completely within his rights to choose his front bench and he has the right to do so. And that’s between him and his front bench.”

“It’s not unsual for the leader of the Labour Party to decide who his front bench is. That’s his decision and I respect that he has the right to make that decision.”

Still, at least her next meet-up with Tarry will be less frosty than her reception in Edinburgh. This same trip over the border saw climate protestors break into an Iain Dale Fringe interview with Angie and proceed to shout about Labour not backing a green new deal:

So far this week we’ve seen the climate nutters from ‘Green New Deal Rising’ making spectacles of themselves in Edinburgh and Eastbourne. Funnily enough, we’ve not seen them pop up anywhere outside of their lovely middle class homelands yet…

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Rayner and Tarry Race off for £295 Porsche Driving Experience

A co-conspirator spotted a pair of familiar faces at the Silverstone Porsche Experience Centre yesterday… none other than Angela Rayner and her lover Sam Tarry, who has a bit more time on his hands since his sacking as Shadow Transport Minister on Wednesday. Less than 24 hours after losing the role, Tarry still focused on transport matters, presumably felt the need for speed, racing off to Silverstone to burn some rubber and put the pedal to the metal. How this petrol-head fun squares with the couple’s oft stated calls for a green new deal revolution to save the planet, Gaia only knows…

For a mere £295 Sam could choose 90 minutes on the race track, driving either the 718 Boxster, 718 Cayman, 911, Panamera, Cayenne or Macan. A bit more fun than standing on a picket line all day…

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