Lib Dems Launch Skills Policy From Blair’s Son’s Company

The remain establishment were in perfect harmony this morning when Sam Gyimah launched the new Lib Dem skills policy from Tony Blair’s son Euan’s company. All in the family…

The Lib Dems announced a new policy of £10,000 of education for each adult from the headquarters of White Hat GB – whose CEO happens to be Euan Anthony Blair. His dad has been keeping quiet about whether he’ll actually vote Labour this time round…

Only Five of the 21 Rebels Want to Return to Tory Fold

Only five of the 21 expelled Tory rebels still wish to return to the Conservative Party, according to a senior One Nation source. Namely, Amber Rudd, David Guake, Richard Benyon and Stephen and Philip Hammond. You couldn’t guess some of them want to return given how they’ve been behaving since losing the whip…

Whilst it was obvious some of the cohort – such as Sam Gyimah who is now a Lib Dem, and Rory Stewart who plans on standing as an independent – had given up on rejoining to Tory Party’s loving embrace, it was still assumed the majority of independent remainers would look at regaining the whip once Brexit is sorted. It’s also believed that only Rory has any chance of keeping his seat if standing as an independent…

In other wet Tory news, the Tory Reform Group held their one nation drinks reception yesterday, during which Justice Secretary Robert Buckland said multiple times “I am the law” and one member fainted. They’re truly dropping like flies…

UPDATE: A sign of further Tory independents to Lib Dem defections? Anne Milton and Guto Bebb spotted plotting with Phillip Lee and Sam Gyimah in PCH…

Expelled Tory MPs Can Still Attend Conference

Twenty of the 21 former Conservative MPs who voted against the confidence issue of Corbyn’s Surrender Bill will be allowed to attend Conservative Party Conference this year, Guido has learned. Whilst the whip was removed from all the rebels, only Sam Gymiah has had his membership of the party formally revoked, following his defection to the Liberal Democrats. Guido is sure this news will delight Justine Greening, who is scheduled to be speaking at a Centre for Social Justice education panel entitled “Expelled but not forgotten”…

Guido also understands that, although she is technically allowed to, Amber Rudd will not be attending this year. Guido isn’t convinced that the membership will be all too disappointed…

Gyimah Justifies Defection Saying Lib Dems Came Second in Euro Elections

Tory MPs’ People’s Vote Campaign No Longer Contains Any Tories

The second referendum campaign for Tory MPs, Right to Vote, set up by Phillip Lee, no longer contains a single Tory MP among their ranks, following multiple defections, resignations and withdrawals of the whip by the Government. Coincidentally the website and campaign have since folded…

At its height, the group contained 10 Tory MPs in its fold, however, following a record number of MPs changing party, the supposedly Conservative campaign is now led by a Lib Dem and counts four independents, one ‘The Independents’ MP and one ‘The Independent Group for Change’ MP among others. Keeping up?

The only sign the group was ever Tory-affiliated is the two remaining Tory Lords, who will be grateful that Boris said he wouldn’t withdraw the whip from any Lords supporting the Surrender Bill. A good demonstration of the change seen in British politics over the last year.

Fresh Deselection Bid Launched Against Sam Gyimah

After the previous attempt by East Surrey Conservatives to hold a no confidence vote in Sam Gyimah was spiked in March, a group of unhappy members have launched a fresh bid to oust the hardline Remainer MP. A petition signed by a “significant” number of local members was delivered to the Association Chairman last night, calling for a Special General Meeting to debate a reselection motion within 28 days. This would not deselect Gyimah of its own accord but would force it to go to a postal ballot of the full membership when Gyimah applies for reselection himself…

Gyimah’s recent public threats to take action against a new Tory leader over Brexit have certainly not endeared him to the local membership, disgruntled members insist it is not just his Brexit stance they object to but also his “appalling track record as a constituency MP”. If they get their way Gyimah might be getting his ‘People’s Vote’ after all – in himself…

Gyimah Claims ’30 Plus’ Tory MPs Would Act to Stop No Deal

Sam Gyimah won’t reveal how far his ’30 plus’ Tory MPs would be prepared to go to try to stop no deal. Are they really going to try to usher in Corbyn’s Marxist anti-Semites instead if they can’t get their way?

Gyimah Withdraws

Pro-second referendum candidate Sam Gyimah has pulled out of the race after being unable to secure the required proposer, seconder, and six signatories required.

He has released this statement:

“I entered the Conservative Party leadership contest to broaden the debate and bring the diverse views of millions on Brexit to the fore.

It has been a tremendous privilege to be able to make the case for a new referendum as a credible solution to break the Brexit deadlock.

I am hugely appreciative of the support I have received, both in public and in private.

But I have reached the conclusion that, having entered the race at such a late stage, there simply has not been enough time to build sufficient support, and I have decided to step back.

My purpose in campaigning for a solution to the break deadlock, and bringing new ideas to help my party win over modern Britain, will not change.

I wish all the contenders the very best at this challenging time as they make the case to take our country forward.”

Sam Finally Has a Backer

Sam Gymah surprised most in Westminster by jumping into the Tory Leadership race last weekend attempting to ‘broaden the debate’. Where has Guido heard that one before…

Now he has secured his first public backer, Tory favourite Dominic Grieve. Just one public backer still puts him in last place of Guido’s list, and seven MPs away from the nomination threshold. He claims that he has others supporters who have just not publicised their support. Sam tells Guido that on top of Grieve, “[Guto] Bebb and [Great British Hero Phillip] Lee are among my supporters.” He’s fishing in a very small second referendum pool…]

View the full list here:

Get in touch with any updates…

UPDATE: Philip Lee has publicly confirmed his and Guto Bebb’s support now too, meaning in terms of public declarations Sam has leapfrogged Andrea Leadsom into last place but one…

Who’s Backing Who: Sam Joins Race, Kit Advances

No change to the order at the front of the pack since lunchtime yesterday. The Saj added his old running mate Stephen Crabb and more surprisingly the full-throttle Brexiteer Lucy Allan. In the middle of the pack Kit Malthouse has leapfrogged ahead of Esther McVey, who now has Rory nipping at her high heels. The thirteenth entrant, Sam Gyimah, has yet to win a single backer…

View the full list here:

Get in touch with any updates…

Gyimah Proposes Rigged Referendum

Two options for leave but just one for Remain. Designed to let Remain come through the middle with far fewer than 17.4 million votes…

Sam Gyimah Enters Tory Leadership Race as Second Referendum Candidate

Gyimah becomes the 13th candidate to have officially declared. He currently has 0 supporters. Well this is just getting silly now…

Gyimah: Deselection Attempts Driven By “Tory Heads and UKIP Hearts”

Guido would gently suggest they’re more likely to have been driven by his reneging on manifesto commitments and backing a second referendum…

Hardline Remainers Come Out Against May’s New Deal

While Brexiteers are keeping their own counsel until the Attorney General and the Star Council of Brexit lawyers come back with their formal legal opinions on May’s latest offering, Remainers have wasted no time in coming out to batter her new deal.[…] Read the rest


Gyimah Loyalists Fire Back at No Confidence Plotters

The battle between plotters and loyalists in Sam Gyimah’s East Surrey Conservative Association is heating up – loyalists are hitting back against the claims that Gyimah doesn’t spend time in the constituency. Now sources close to the Association Chair have accused the plotters of leaking “falsehoods” to the media and not having the “courage” to challenge Sam to his face, telling Guido:

“This group have leaked falsehoods to the media, anonymously.

[…] Read the rest


Sam Gyimah Plays Down No Confidence Bid

Sam Gyimah has played down the local no confidence bid revealed by Guido on Friday night, telling the Today Programme:

“There’s no deselection procedure, there was some news at the weekend… there’s a letter of no confidence that was handed to my association chairman, it’s signed by four people… I think one of them is a lapsed member of the Association…

Local sources are disputing this, they insist that the letter had five signatories, none of whom were lapsed members.[…] Read the rest


No Confidence Bid Launched Against Sam Gyimah

Guido has learned a significant group of senior East Surrey Conservatives have launched a no confidence bid against MP Sam Gyimah tonight. Following a Special Executive Meeting in Limpsfield tonight where Gyimah was summoned to account for recent actions, members were left dissatisfied with his explanation and have decided to give formal notice to the Association Chairman that a motion of no confidence will be brought against Gyimah.[…] Read the rest


Tory People’s Vote Campaign Loses Most of its MPs Despite Burning Through £40,000 of Dark Money

The Tory awkward squad launched their own “distinctive” People’s Vote campaign last month under the excruciatingly bad name-pun of ‘Right to Vote’. At the time of their launch Right to Vote widely claimed to have 10 Tory MPs on board, although Phillip Lee only counted eight at the launch event – Sam Gyimah, Heidi Allen, Dominic Grieve, Justine Greening, Guto Bebb, Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and himself.[…] Read the rest


Science Minister Resigns to Vote Against May’s Deal, Cites EU Attitude Over Gallileo

Sam Gyimah has resigned as Universities and Science Minister to vote against May’s deal, citing the EU’s attitude over the Gallileo Satellite programme as an example of the difficulties ahead with this deal. He was a remainer, very much part of the Cameron liberal-conservative tendency, he has posted on Facebook his reasons for resigning:

I will vote against the Government’s EU Withdrawal Agreement.

[…] Read the rest


Tories Queue Up to Blast Trump

May on Trump:

“I see no equivalence between those who propound fascist views and those who oppose them.

[…] Read the rest


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