Rory Stewart Jumps to Second Place With Tory Members

Looks like Rory Stewart’s ‘unique’ style of campaigning hasn’t done him too much harm, he’s managed an improbable jump into second place in the latest ConHome leadership survey. He’s still going to need at least another eight votes if the fun is going to continue. He tells The Sun he is still “one or two votes short”…

Raab and Gove have both been pushed down a place and fall under 10% for the first time in months, Hunt has closed the gap slightly while the Saj has managed to put a bit of distance between himself and the remaining candidates. Hancock looks to have cleared the 16-vote bar with George Freeman’s switch from Gove yesterday, the other three all have work to do. The membership won’t be too distraught either way, it’s just 2% for McVey and Leadsom while Hancock and Harper don’t even muster 1%…

It’s all a bit academic anyway, these are all molehills compared to Boris Johnson’s towering peak – breaking the 50% mark for the first time. His smooth launch yesterday failed to offer any kind of gamechanging gaffe his rivals need to dent his imposing lead. It’s increasingly starting to look like a race for second place…

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Saj Releases Life Story Campaign Video

Saj has released his campaign video this morning, heavily focusing on his impressive life story. He still has to prove he has the charisma to take the fight to Corbyn…

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Saj: I Have Not Done Drugs
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Saj: I Will Renegotiate the Backstop
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Indy Complains Too Many “White Men” in Tory Leadership Race

Dominated by white men? Errr, who is going to tell them….

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Saj Finds His Social Media Funny Bone

Not to be out done by japes from Cleverly at Rory’s expense, Sajid Javid’s campaign has scheduled some fun on the grid at Raab’s expense. They are finding social media mojo interacting with other users and making self deprecating jokes (and a slight hit at competitor Raab). This comes on the day that Cleverly delivered a comedy video and Matt Hancock has been bouncing up stairs to deliver a Hashtag Hancock Hug. The social media success from Rory Stewart has clearly made everyone else up their game…

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