Tory Leadership: Decision Day

It’s crunch time in the Tory leadership race – by the end of the day we will know who the final two are, however many votes it takes. After last night’s results, Saj is trailing Hunt and Gove by several votes, however he was quick to insist that he wouldn’t be withdrawing. This means there will be at least two votes today:

  • 10 a.m.-Midday: MPs vote in fourth ballot
  • 1 p.m.: Fourth round result – three candidates left
  • 3.30-5.30 p.m.: MPs vote in fifth ballot
  • 6 p.m.: Fifth round result – two candidates left

In the unlikely event that there’s a tie, there will be an extra round of voting into the night from 7.30-9.30pm, with the final result as soon as possible after that. With many MPs going back to their constituencies on Thursday afternoon, as many as 25% of votes today are expected to be by proxy. One person who will definitely be voting by proxy is Theresa May who’s heading off to Brussels for another EU summit. 1922 Committee Vice-Chair Charles Walker has been entrusted with her vote…

With the unpredictable factor of Rory Stewart now out of the race, the talk this morning is that Team Boris is now on maneouvres to take out Gove by pushing the Saj through at his expense. Gove’s 2016 betrayal has still not been forgotten by many Boris supporters, they are out for revenge by dumping him out this time…

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Raab Backs Boris

Dominic Raab’s exit from the leadership race yesterday has seen a large number of his supporters flock over to the Boris camp – now Raab has given him a birthday gift of himself. Raab backs Boris as the “only candidate” who can deliver Brexit by October 31…

Boris now has a clear majority of public declarations. Despite Rory pulling ahead of Saj last round his supporters are still unwilling to out themselves – after Rory’s poor performance in the debate last night it’ll be a close call as to who gets the chop. Team Boris have been putting pressure on Saj to drop out to leave Rory in last place and therefore face automatic exclusion although Saj isn’t playing ball. Will they try lending Saj votes instead to knock Rory out directly?

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Tory Leadership Second Round Results in Full

Here’s how the results broke down for round two of the Tory leadership contest (round one results in brackets):

  • Boris: 126 (114)
  • Hunt: 46 (43)
  • Gove: 41 (37)
  • Rory: 37 (19)
  • Saj: 33 (23)
  • Raab: 30 (27) ELIMINATED

Boris still has more votes than 2nd, 3rd and 4th combined…

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Raab Comes Out Fighting, Saj Cries Foul Over Stewart

Despite ConHome’s latest survey showing Dominic Raab beating everyone but Boris in runoffs with the Tory membership, Raab is one of the candidates who’ll be sitting least comfortably when the second round votes come in tonight. He’s come out fighting with a new video showcasing his karate skills and other parts of his backstory. Team Raab say they are quietly confident but the Boris bandwagon has left Raab struggling to get the numbers…

The issue for Brexiteers is that if Raab gets knocked out, the further the debate will get pulled towards the Remain side of the argument. Boris will be fending off Remain-framed attacks on the merits or otherwise of no deal, rather than debating how best to deliver Brexit by October 31st in any circumstances…

Sajid Javid is the other candidate glancing most nervously over his shoulder, his campaign supremo Nick King has taken the unusual step of publicly calling out Rory Stewart’s campaign for trying to poach his supporters. Can Stewart succeed in stuffing Saj or will his media-friendly antics flop among the one audience that actually matters right now, Tory MPs…

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Saj on Rory

Saj on Rory…

“Rory has done well, but he’s spending too much time appealing to Labour voters not the Conservative party membership”

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30 Second Pitches: Gove, Hunt, Stewart, Javid, Raab

  • Gove – I’m a serious candidate for serious times
  • Hunt – I can be trusted to deliver
  • Stewart – I’m an honest and trustworthy outsider
  • Javid – I’m an outsider who looks like modern Britain
  • Raab – I’m the only one here committed to Brexiting on October 31

Boris tells them all, see you next Tuesday…

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