Sadiq Threatens to Cut 3,600 Police Amid Riots in London

Sadiq Khan has today threatened police cuts of almost £110 million – and £290 million in transport cuts – if the government refuses to cough up for the £500 million City Hall Funding black hole Khan now presides over. Based on the Labour party’s own election figures, £110 million is the cost of 3,600 officers’ wages…

Khan announced the cuts to capital law and order in the wake of two nights of police attacks – the first in Brixton, the latter in Notting Hill – by out-of-control party-goers, which have resulted in 22 police injuries.

Khan knows he could never cut the police in the run up to an election year – this smacks of a blatant attempt to blackmail extra funds from the government. One silver lining of his proposed spending plans are £59 million earmarked cuts to City Hall – reversing the 82% staffing cost rise seen under Sadiq

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Khan Plans to Move East

Sadiq Khan is planning an extraordinary move out of the iconic “glass testicle” GLA building by Tower Bridge, to a small GLA-owned conference centre called “The Crystal” out in the docklands. The current GLA building currently costs £11.1m a year in rent, meaning the Mayor would be able to boast “a £55 million over five years” if the move goes ahead. In a statement the Mayor said this morning:

“I’m consulting on plans for the GLA to leave the current City Hall building next year and relocate to The Crystal at the Royal Docks in Newham…”

“…In the current financial context, and with the looming black hole in London’s public finances, it would be negligent not to do so.”

Which is interesting because Khan has ballooned his own staffing budget by £30 million in the last five years. Instead of cutting back his own staff to Boris Johnson’s levels, Khan is planning a move forty minutes out of town. Going to desperate lengths just to keep his expensive PR team…

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Khan Plays Pandemic Politics with Pay Packet

Sadiq Khan has launched yet another PR stunt today, announcing he has taken a voluntary pay cut of more than £15,000 in an attempt to balance London’s finances amid the Coronavirus squeeze. Of course, he simultaneously asked for millions from the Government to bail out local authorities…

Khan – whose £152,000 wage is £20,000 more than Boris Johnson receives for being Prime Minister – may not feel the pandemic’s pinch in his pocket, unlike millions of London taxpayers. The 10% reduction is meaningless when under Khan’s watch, staffing costs for City Have have risen by 82%, from £36 million to £65.5 million.

If the government plan on helping out the London Assembly’s finance black hole, relief surely has to be linked to a commitment from Sadiq to clear out his bloated gravy train’s passengers…

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Sadiq Finally Discourages Mass Protests

One week after the Black Lives Matter protests kicked off in London, Sadiq Khan has finally spoken to an epidemiologist* who has suggested mass public gatherings are not, in fact, great for public health in the midst of a pandemic. Who knew that chanting and singing protest songs in close quarters might disperse viral matter from their mouths onto fellow protesters, potentially kicking off a second wave of the Coronavirus? A plea to protestors tweeted from the Mayor’s account implores activists to “stay at home and find a safe way to make your voice heard.” Albeit mainly framing the discouragement around planned counter-protests by “far-right groups”… 

“I’m extremely concerned that further protests in central London not only risk spreading Covid-19, but could lead to disorder, vandalism and violence. Extreme far-right groups who advocate hatred and division are planning counter-protests, which means that the risk of disorder is high. Be in no doubt these counter-protests are there to provoke violence, and their only goal is to distract and hijack this important issue. Staying home and ignoring them is the best response this weekend.”

Sadiq’s been far too busy tearing down and covering up statues to consider the spread of Coronavirus… 

*Though that view is not unanimous.

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Captain Hindsight Strikes Again

Labour is yet again proving their new unofficial mantra of “agree, u-turn, criticise”, in pretending mask rules would have come in sooner were they in charge. Claiming credit for ‘lobbying‘ for the change, the Mayor of London released a statement both approving of and taking credit for the new mandatory mask wearing rules for public transport.

“This is something I and others have been calling on ministers to do for some time… from Monday 15th June, everyone must wear a covering over their nose and mouth for the entirety of any journeys made using the public transport network. This will be mandatory and will help everyone be safer.”

The trouble with this statement is Sadiq is Chairman of Transport for London, and could have mandated this change himself across London’s transport network at any time he wanted. He chose not to…

This week Sadiq has struck a very different tone from previous months. This is the same Mayor of London who as recently as March was busy telling Londoners that “there is no risk in using the Tube or buses or other forms of public transport”. Captain Hindsight…

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Sadiq Avoids Assembly Questions for Sixth Week in a Row

Sadiq Khan refused to attend the London Assembly today, entering the sixth week he has avoided scrutiny from MLA’s. Assembly Members have been attempting to get Sadiq to return to work, answering questions as he ordinarily would. He’s managed to wriggle out of them as nothing was scheduled previously do to the expected election…

Khan’s office claimed he was too busy to answer questions, yet the Mayor has had time to answer celebrity questions about how he’s coping with lockdown and what books, TV shows, and albums he’s been relaxing with at home. Why is Sadiq hiding when he has serious questions to answer over decisions he made for the transport system.

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