Sadiq: Improper for Labour Politicians to Be Applying Pressure to Met Over Partygate Fines
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Starmer and Sadiq Make Same Lee Rigby Tribute Error

Guido was almost going to overlook Sadiq Khan’s Lee Rigby memorial blunder this morning. Ignoring his use of the word ‘killed’ instead of murdered, the mayor incorrectly said the horrific attack happened eight years ago. Despite it being nine years ago, and the post being up for two hours now, it’s still not been deleted and amended.

It was almost unbelievable, therefore, that Starmer should post the exact same blunder two and a half hours later. Again, miscounting the number of years since 2013.

Unlike Sadiq’s, Starmer’s post was swiftly deleted within 10 minutes. Somewhere in central London there are PAds and social media managers getting almighty bollockings right now…

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Sadiq Blocks Civil Service Back-to-Office Drive

When London Assembly staff first moved into their new East London home, Guido revealed they were less than pleased with the quality of their working environment. From flooded bathrooms to power cuts, to multiple committee rooms being out of use, Sadiq’s multi-million renovation hardly seemed to have gone to plan. Now, however, LBC has revealed staff don’t have much to worry about as Sadiq is seemingly actively preventing them from working there…

A leaked memo shows that for the 90 civil servants working for the assembly, they have been provided with just nine desks, which must be booked by staff via the intranet. Otherwise they’ll have to sit in ‘drop in centres’…

It’s not just the secretariat facing shortages. Figures from the Mayor’s office show that across the new City Hall building and their continued subletting of the fire brigade’s offices in Southward, there are just 586 total desks for 1096 staff.

Responding to LBC’s other revelation that the assembly as a whole will only meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from now on, Jacob Rees-Mogg noted his amazement that the most popular work-from-home days just happen to be those bordering the weekend: “The idea Monday and Friday have ceased to be full working days is one to be very suspicious about because it indicates some people are using working from home to do less work.” Just what has Sadiq Khan been smoking…

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Labour Stubs Out Sadiq’s Weed Legalisation Commission

Just hours after Sadiq Khan announced he is establishing the first ever London Drugs Commission to “start a conversation” about the benefits of cannabis legalisation in the city – despite not actually having the powers to do so – the Labour leadership has already blunted Sadiq’s hopes for a greener London… before the commission has even had its first meeting. 

This morning, a spokesperson for Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper waded in to remind Sadiq how his job works, and ruled out changing the party’s drug policy regardless of the commission’s outcome:

“Labour does not support changing the law on drugs… Drugs policy is not devolved to mayors and under Labour would continue to be set by national government.”

Given how Labour attacked the LibDems for being “soft on drugs” leading up to the local elections, maybe Sadiq should’ve seen this coming. One visit to a weed farm isn’t going to change the party line if the leadership isn’t high on the idea already. Even if it’s popular with their own voters…

Hat-tip: Matt Dathan

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Shapps Refers Sadiq to Electoral Commission for Revealing Elizabeth Line Opening Date

Away from the Beergate saga, Grant Shapps and Sadiq Khan have ended up in exactly the kind of “mudslinging” match Sir Keir has promised to avoid this past week. After Transport for London announced today that the Elizabeth Line would finally open on 24th May, Grant Shapps launched a scathing attack on the Mayor of London for allegedly breaching pre-election purdah rules, which limit communications and policy announcements leading up to voting day. Accusing Sadiq of “breathtaking… cynicism”, Shapps railed against Khan for his political loco-motive, and referred him to the Electoral Commission for investigation… 

Sadiq immediately pushed back, however, by insisting he “wasn’t going to get into mudslinging” with Shapps… only to do exactly that by calling him a “sourpuss“, and claiming he “needs to grow up”. It’s the last day of the campaign. Maybe they both just needed to let off some steam…


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Lebedev: Starmer Congratulated Me on Elevation to Lords

Evgeny Lebedev has just confirmed earlier reports that Sir Keir actually congratulated him for his Lords appointment back in 2020, despite spending the last few weeks complaining about the decision and insisting it “raises serious questions”. Captain Hindsight at it again…

According to Lebedev, Starmer privately texted in August 2020:

“Congratulations on your elevation to the House of Lords. All best wishes, Keir.”

Just a few weeks ago on Sky News, once it looked like the story might damage the government, Starmer performed a vintage U-turn and said:

“…The media today are saying there were further reservations by the security and intelligence services which were known before this appointment was made and we know that concerns were raised apparently with the Prime Minister […] the Prime Minister has got serious questions to answer: What did he know? And did he override security advice?”

Labour sources are already counter-briefing The Times’ Patrick Maguire with “it wasn’t Keir the security services briefed with warnings about Lebedev and it wasn’t Keir who nominated him for a peerage.” Still, at least Starmer’s not the only left red-faced by this: Sadiq Khan and Starmer adviser Peter Mandelson were also pictured beaming away as they left Lebedev’s Christmas party back in 2017. Now Labour are acting as if it’s a scandal anyone even spoke to him. Looks like Lebedev kept the receipts…

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