Russell Brand Has Endorsed Corbyn – And the Tories Won’t Be Worried

Owen Jones will no doubt be firing off a column about how this is a game-changer as we speak: Russell Brand has endorsed Corbyn. Russ says he agrees with Jez on the IRA:

“Even the more ‘controversial’ stuff in his search history doesn’t hold up to scrutiny – meeting with the IRA; he wasn’t at a barn dance in Londonderry downing Guinness in a balaclava, he was perspicaciously acknowledging the necessity for negotiation in pursuit of a peaceful solution. Which is what happened, years later. You could say that he was ahead of his time. Or a leader.”

Well it didn’t work for Ed…

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Russell Brand Has Given Up, And Who Cares?

ed brand

Russell Brand has brought his YouTube series “The Trewsto an end and is taking a break from social media because he is “sick of becoming the story“. Guido has put together a montage of him talking to the greatest minds of the age… 

We’ll miss you Russell…

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Anti-Austerity Protesters Turn on Russell Brand

Not quite the reception Russell Brand was hoping for in the VIP area at yesterday’s anti-austerity protest:

“F**k Russell Brand… He should not be on the stage here… You have no f**king place here, you’re disgusting…”

“You’re a turncoat, Brand… sell us a book on revolution and then tell us to vote Labour… f**k off back to Miliband you tw*t.”

The People’s Turncoat…

H/T @mattholehouse
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Celebrity Assembly


The so-far peaceful People’s Assembly anti-austerity demo has just been treated to the usual incoherence from Russell Brand, which they lapped up.


Hard partying Charlotte Church and her mum seem to be marching for Prosecco Socialism…

See also: Charlotte Church U-Turns on 70% Tax Pledge 

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Russell Brand in ‘Forgetting Ed Miliband’
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Russell Brand: Absolute Twat

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