Human Rights NGO Links MPs’ Lucrative Kazakhstan Commission Cash to Kleptocrat

International human rights groups have raised questions over the source of lucrative funds received by Labour MP Rushanara Ali. Rushanara has taken home £10,000 in advance payment from Bindmans LLP for her role in an inquiry into the treatment of an opposition activist in Kazakhstan. Robert Buckland, Andrew Mitchell and former Director of Public Prosecutions Lord Macdonald are also involved in the inquiry, though yet to record payment. It’s a lucrative gig for Ali, no doubt secured by her record on human rights…

The trouble is, beyond the fact this cash came from a big money law firm, we know very little about the origin of Rushanara’s remuneration. A partner at the firm, Tayab Ali, was asked to give assurances that the money didn’t come from “a Politically Exposed Person” or criminal activity. All he could say was:

“I am not able to tell you who pays for the work we are doing and I want to expand on that. As we all experienced in this trip here, this is a very sensitive inquiry and there are potential serious risks to those involved in the inquiry and for that reason for the time being the decision was made to protect the individuals by not revealing who they were.”

So much for transparency.

In a social media post, Lyudmyla Kozlovska – head of the human rights NGO Open Democracy Foundation, pointed to links between Tayab Ali and Bergey Ryskaliyev (a Kazakh expat sentenced to 17 years in prison for corruption) and raised questions of the inquiry’s funding. Is Rushanara raking in kleptocrat cash?

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Labour Hold Another Segregated Rally


Labour MPs attended a gender segregated rally in Oldham last night, with photos released from the meeting clearly showing Muslim women and men being seated seperately. The event was hosted by the Labour affiliated group Labour Friends of Bangladesh, in support of Jim McMahon, the party’s candidate in the upcoming by-election. A wide selection of Labour MPs and officials attended, including the candidate Jim McMahon, Naz Shah, Angela Rayner, Khalid Mahmood, Rushanara Ali, Shabana Mahmood and Debbie Abrahams. Abrahams states in in her twitter biography that she is interested in “inequalities”. Although Guido presumes this doesn’t include gender inequalities…

Readers will be well aware that this isn’t the first, or even second, time senior Labour figures have attended gender segregated rallies. When will Labour come out and denounce this gender apartheid?

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