Wet Tory Wins Committee Endorsement From Lefty Labour MPs

If co-conspirators remember Dr Neil Hudson, Guido will be impressed. Hudson took Rory Stewart’s old Penrith seat back in 2019 and has so far proved just as, if not more, rebellious than his predecessor. A year ago Guido revealed his Tory MP colleagues were becoming increasingly bitter towards him, not just because of his ranking as the most rebellious 2019 intake MP. He also wrote a Mail on Sunday op-ed self-promoting one of his rebellions on animal welfare, which not only increased abuse directed to non-rebelling Tory MPs, it resulted in him being labelled a “judas” after it emerged he took £900 for the hit job. Happy families…

Now Dr Neil’s anti-Tory credentials are growing. Following the resignation of porno MP Neil Parish, a vacancy has arisen for chair of the environmental select committee, for which Hudson is in the running. Guido has now been passed a message doing the rounds endorsing Hudson for the chairmanship – signed by four solidly left-wing Labour members of the committee. Rosie Duffield, Ian Byrne, Geraint Davies and Barry ‘CCP’ Gardiner…

The round-robin asks MPs – presumably sent to non-Tories – to support wet Hudson, who “works consensually with us on the committee — often against his Conservative colleagues. He has been independent in voting against his party…”

“He is a qualified vet who brings real expertise to the committee and we urge colleagues to make him your first choice (or second preference if committed to another) for the Chair.”

The fact he is a qualified vet will come as a surprise to any recipients of the letter, given Dr Neil hardly ever mentions it. Ever since the defection of Christian Wakeford, Tory MPs have been wondering if anyone else may be considering a leap… One to bear in mind.

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Wes Streeting’s Conveniently Transitioned Stance Towards Rosie Duffield

Last month, Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting turned heads for his measured stance on the trans rights debate in conversation with Nick Robinson – a row which is still ongoing within Labour now that Rosie Duffield has revealed she’s considering leaving the party over the abuse she’s received over the past year. Wes Streeting nowadays claims trans rights campaigners shouldn’t try to “shut down” people like JK Rowling for making similar comments, and even calling for more “empathy and understanding” on both sides. Refreshingly even-handed given the animosity these debates usually stir up…

Wes’s position has transitioned since pollster Deborah Mattinson convinced Starmer to order the Shadow Cabinet to avoid trans ideology issues which repel most ordinary voters, women voters in particular. Mumsnet’s chatrooms are on fire and livid with Labour’s mad woke positions on allowing penis owning rapists in women’s prisons and suchlike. In newly emerged footage from the LGBT+ Labour Coalition Launch last February, Streeting was less mollifying than he is now. In the past he’s repeatedly criticised Duffield for her “indefensible” posts, suggested she was “intolerant” of trans people… and even claimed those with “ill-informed” views should be given “less airtime”:

“On trans equality, you know, and I’ve had lots of private conversations with with some colleagues, I mean, there was sort of the higher profile cases like Rosie, where, you know, her social media has just kind of added fuel to the flames, bluntly, and is indefensible.


It’s our responsibility to step up to the mark not just the responsibility of trans people, but the responsibility of allies to to make sure that where these issues up debates are offered up for debate, and where there are arguments to be won, that we are there making the arguments, it means we need to give less airtime to those spouting ill informed views, whether through the columnists of Sunday newspapers, or the Twitter feeds of MPs, including, sadly, sometimes Labour MPs.”

Wes even suggested that it was ‘reasonable’ to assess the behaviour of people like Duffield as ‘intolerant’: “I understand why people are going, actually why should I be patient? And why should I tolerate people who are intolerant towards me? I think that is actually a really reasonable position, by the way.”

Rosie Duffield was recently placed under investigation by the Labour Party after she shared an article which referred to the “transgender thought police”. At the weekend, she shared a ten-part Twitter thread defending her ‘gender-critical beliefs’, including that ‘male-bodied’ people should not be able to enter protected spaces for women, such as ‘school toilets’. For this she received another torrent of abuse…

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Shadow Cabinet Leaving LGBT+ Fringe Events Early Swerving Questions

Labour LGBT+ have held packed fringe events for the past two days at Conference, and Guido’s noticed a bit of a pattern: the high-profile shadow cabinet panelists (Rayner, Thomas-Symonds, Dodds) have all conveniently left their respective sessions early. Usually just before they’re confronted with awkward questions about Rosie Duffield…

Busy as no doubt they are, this sort of behaviour doesn’t appear to be happening as much at other fringe events; Guido noticed Anneliese Dodds had plenty of time to field questions with the Fabian Society yesterday, and Angela Rayner is, of course, perfectly happy to spend her hours calling the Tories “scum” in front of Labour activists. When it comes to acknowledging the transphobia row in their own party, though, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Thomas-Symonds did at least offer an anodyne soundbite about standing for trans rights in response to one question yesterday, though he soon left afterwards – the Q&A continued for about another 15 minutes.

Credit where it’s due, party veteran Angela Eagle did stick around today, although her vague response didn’t address Duffield by name:

“It’s very important that we treat each other with respect, and that we save a safe space so that we can educate people who may not have come across this before so we don’t drive them away before we’ve faced them with the realities that they may not have thought about…”

Back to school for Duffield it is…

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Jess Phillips Confronted by Pro-Rosie Duffield Protestors in Brighton

With Sir Keir having already thrown Rosie Duffield under the bus by insisting this morning that she shouldn’t have said “adult human female”, Jess Phillips has now been caught up in the transphobia fray. Asked whether she stands with Duffield, Phillips said:

“I stand with her literally all the time!”

Which is not the same thing as “yes”…

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Rosie Duffield: Starmer Won’t Clarify Policy on Trans Issues

Labour MP Rosie Duffield has slammed her own party over its inability to discuss trans issues properly. On the Today Programme this morning she said this failure has led to even MPs not being certain about the party’s policy. The discussion comes amidst the party’s ongoing trans rights row, and Duffield’s announcement that she’ll be avoiding this year’s Brighton conference:

“There are groups that would be at Labour Party conference that my presence would irritate … It’s hard to know how serious to take threats by people who post them online. I don’t always take them that seriously but they’re pretty awful and I did not want to subject myself and other people to that kind of abuse.” 

This isn’t the first time female MPs have felt threatened at Labour Party conference…

Whilst Duffield has been defended by London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and Speaker of the House Lindsay Hoyle, there has been a deafening silence from Keir Starmer, who has failed to meet Duffield once since the abuse began:

“He’s always positive about trying to organise a meeting, it just hasn’t happened yet. I think it is really necessary that we actually talk about this.”

He’s clearly been too busy writing his 14,000 word credo…

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Rosie Duffield Embroiled in Transsexual Rights Row (Again)

The transsexuals versus women culture war has flared up in the Labour Party again. Last night, the Labour Party’s social media lurking transsexual-taleban faction exploded after the Labour MP for Canterbury, Rosie Duffield, committed the thought-crime of liking a tweet suggesting transsexual people are “cosplaying” (the practice of dressing up as character from film or TV) “as the opposite sex”. 

This tweet proved incredibly unpopular with LGBT Labour, who called for the withdrawal of the whip and the suspension of Duffield from the parliamentary Labour Party following a pattern “…of LGBT-phobic behaviour”. This is despite the fact that the original tweet that Duffield liked was posted by a gay man.

Since the Twitter uproar, the Labour Party has said it is looking into the matter and that it “takes all complaints of homophobia or transphobia extremely seriously.” Labour isn’t going to win any votes getting caught up in arguments about the colonisation of gay culture…

This isn’t the first time that Duffield has come under fire for allegedly transphobic behaviour. Last year she liked a tweet that argued the phrase “individuals with a cervix” should say “women” instead. This is a controversial statement for Labour’s transsexual-taleban, less so for voters… 

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