Starmer Caught Offside With Qatar Boycott

Once again Keir Starmer’s Labour party are saying one thing and doing the opposite.

Whilst Sir Keir has enforced a shadow cabinet boycott of the Qatar World Cup, citing human rights abuses against workers and LGBT people, his top team have accepted thousands of pounds in trips to similarly egregious destinations. Since 2016, they amount to around £60,000…

Amongst the worst offenders are Ed Miliband, who received a hamper worth £2,500 from the Sultan of Brunei – the absolute monarch of a country where sexual relations between men are punishable by death. Miliband says he gave it to charity…

Rosena Allin-Khan diversified her sources of ignoble freebies, raking in over £7,500 from Poland, Bangladesh, Jordan and Qatar. Jon Ashworth and Ian Murray have also each made trips to the World Cup host since 2016. Guido wonders what has changed in Qatar to relegate it from a favourite destination of the shadow cabinet between 2016 and 2021 to utterly unconscionable now…

For the interest of co-conspirators, a more comprehensive list of MP’s travel sponsors is as follows:

  • Angela Rayner: £7,500 (Pakistan)
  • Shabana Mahmood: £2,515 (China and Bangladesh)
  • Bridget Phillipson: £1,070 (Bangladesh)
  • Jonathan Ashworth: £9,050 (Qatar and Bangladesh)
  • Rosena Allin-Khan: £7,624 (Qatar, Poland, Bangladesh and Jordan)
  • Ed Miliband: £7,270 (China and donation from Brunei)
  • Steve Reed: £4,800 (Iraq and Bangladesh)
  • Wes Streeting: £3,042 (China)
  • Lucy Powell: £3,500 (UAE)
  • Preet Kaur Gill: £2,405 (Uganda)
  • Ian Murray: £7,603 (Qatar)
  • Peter Kyle: £2,677 (China)
  • Emily Thornberry: £960 (Bangladesh)

Perhaps the hypocrisy of Sir Keir’s virtue-signalling boycott is why he’s been unable to convince Mark Drakeford to follow suit…

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Rosena Allin-Khan on the Brink Over Leadership Maneuvering Allegations

Senior Labour figures are not happy with shadow mental health minister Rosena Allin-Khan. Khan has been hyped as a potential future leader by soft left voices for years, and her coming second to Angela Rayner in the 2020 deputy leadership has only emboldened those backers. This afternoon anger is finally bubbling to the surface after Survation published a poll for LabourList testing out perceived leadership qualities of Labour figures. Accidentally, one section had been labelled “ROSENA QUESTIONS”.

The Times’ Henry Zeffman was the first to spot Survation’s cock up, with the New Statesman’s Rachel Wearmouth piling on pressure by reporting “Lots of shadow cabinet ministers angry with what appears to be leadership manoeuvres from Rosena Allin-Khan”.

A clarification from Survation’s Damian Lyons Lowe has done little to stop the runaway train of anger from Starmer loyalists, with Lyons Lowe claiming “this was an error due to the survey script using questions from a template from work done for the 2020 Deputy Leadership election”. Unfortunately for Rosena, this doesn’t prove a wholly solid defence. Lowe goes on:

These questions are for some new @LabourList polling that will be out next week.”

A shadow cabinet source, however, points out to Guido that Rosena Allin-Khan’s big financial backer, David Kogan, is a director of LabourList, and gave her £7,500 in February according to her register of interests. So while Allin-Khan may not be directly behind the cock up, one of her key backers responsible for commissioning the polling may have ulterior motives…

The anger continues. The Sunday Times’ deputy pol-ed Harry Yorke is told “the growing consensus in the shadow cabinet is that Rosena Allin-Khan should resign or be sacked over this”. Politico’s Eleni Courea is told by a shadow cabinet member that “they were once sitting on a train to London from Manchester when Rosena and her team boarded and sat a couple of rows in front… and overheard her asking them go round and “say something you’ve done this week to help me become Labour leader”.” When Guido asked a shadow cabinet source their response to the Survation defence, the reply was the eternally pithy: “bollocks.”

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Shadow Health Minister’s Fake PPE Picture

Outraged by Matt Hancock’s claim the UK never experienced a national PPE shortage, Shadow Health Minister Rosena Allin-Khan took to Twitter yesterday to disprove him; armed with a photo of a nurse dressed in improvised protective equipment fashioned from bin bags. It wasn’t long before multiple users pointed out the image was actually from a Spanish hospital last AprilAllin-Khan is yet to delete the glaring error…

Dr Rosena ended up apologising after her last bout of viral Twitter fake news. This is becoming a pattern…

Not only was her photo error mistaken in geography, it served to undermine her political point too: showing that at the start of this pandemic every country around the world was facing an overwhelming surge in PPE demand and struggled to keep up. Guido points out Spain is currently run by the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party – Labour’s sister party. Very uncomradely criticism from Dr Rosena…

UPDATE 13.30: The Tweet is now gone.

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Labour MP’s Vaccine Queue Jumping Conspiracy Theory Ignored Real Queue Jumping Labour Shadow Minister

Shadow Health Minister Rosena Allin-Khan had to delete the tweet in the early hours of yesterday morning after sharing a fabricated rumour that vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi secretly received vaccines for himself and his family in Wandsworth this weekend. Zahawi had not received the vaccine. At the same time, the handful of Labour MPs who shared the fake news also deleted their tweets. Barbara Keeley, Karl Turner, and former Leigh MP Jo Platt had joined in the unsubstantiated pile on…

Sharing any information about a patient is bad enough. That Allin-Khan, a registered doctor who works at the Wandsworth hospital in her story, amplified this untrue rumour, makes it even worse. The General Medical Council does not tend to look favourably upon doctors who go around sharing rumours they hear about their own hospital’s supposed patients…

Dr Allin-Khan then tweeted and subsequently deleted a half hearted apology. No doubt LOTO was not impressed with its tone…

“I’ve deleted my previous tweet to Nadhim Zahawi as I understand that people were seeing it as a pile on, which was absolutely not my intention, and for that I apologise. I await a prompt response to the email I sent him about the matter which I hope is answered in good time.”

Eventually a real apology came about at 1:08 AM yesterday morning:

Strangely, the gaggle of Labour MPs who were so keen to jump on the made up rumour about Nadhim Zahawi have been totally silent about an MP who did jump the queue. Birmingham Labour MP (and Shadow Procurement Minister) Khalid Mahmood procured himself a Coronavirus vaccine at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital early last week, despite being only 59 years old, and not being eligible for a vaccine until the spring. Mahmood boasted to his constituents that:

“It’s not very well known, but at the end of the day any vaccine unused because people have not turned up for their appointments is made available at the QE vaccination hub – we can’t afford to waste any vaccine doses. I joined a queue at about 3pm and got a vaccine.”

Those who run the hospital, however have condemned the action, saying the end of day doses for the public, especially without an appointment, and the queue Mahmood joined was for NHS staff who were encouraged to take unused spots at the end of the day. A local source tells Guido that a doctor tipped Mahmood off about the queue, after which the Labour MP headed to the hospital and “just hung around waiting for it.” No doubt Dr Rosena and her colleagues had simply not heard about this news…

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Rosena Allin-Khan’s Degree of Surprise

One sharp-eared MP has been in touch with Guido over fears Labour’s shadow health minister Rosena Allin-Khan may have misled the house yesterday, snapping back against Steve Baker that “I have engaged in such serious subjects when I undertook all four of my science degrees”. Unfortunately, it’s a matter of public record she only has three. Were any of the three in mathematics?

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Allin-Khan Apologises for Breaking Commons Rules Three Times in Three Years

See also: Rosena’s Third Commons Rule Breach in Three Years

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