Tory Leadership Second Round Results in Full

Here’s how the results broke down for round two of the Tory leadership contest (round one results in brackets):

  • Boris: 126 (114)
  • Hunt: 46 (43)
  • Gove: 41 (37)
  • Rory: 37 (19)
  • Saj: 33 (23)
  • Raab: 30 (27) ELIMINATED

Boris still has more votes than 2nd, 3rd and 4th combined…

Meet the Candidates: Team Rory

Much like the man himself, Rory Stewart’s campaign has meandered between novelty and farce, what there’s no doubt about is that he’s made the biggest impression of all the rivals jockeying for position behind Boris Johnson. Behind the stunts and awkward videos however, there’s a well-organised campaign team skilled in the art of astute press management. Just look at the Telegraph’s front page this morning which Rory has cleverly tried to spin as an attack on his past links to MI6 – as if a front page putting him in the same bracket as James Bond is remotely negative publicity. Guido lifts the lid on the team holding the camera while Rory takes his “selfie” videos…

Rory’s campaign manager is his wife, Shoshana Clark, who moved to Afghanistan with her first husband to work for Stewart’s Turquoise Mountain charity in 2006, only to promptly leave him for Stewart and become Chief Executive of the charity. Another key part of the team is Rory’s SpAd Lizzie Loudon, an alumni of Vote Leave, Theresa May’s press team and, naturally, Hanbury Strategy. Also on Team Rory are Ramsay Jones, David Cameron’s former Scotland adviser and James Johnson, a current Downing Street SpAd and Theresa May’s pollster. Guido hopes the SpAds are following the strict civil service rules and have either resigned their jobs or are taking unpaid leave to work on the campaign…

Rory’s robust anti-No Deal stance has scooped him up endorsements from key members of the Tory Remainer establishment that previously looked to be getting behind Hunt – Justice Secretary David Gauke is a key part of his campaign while May’s deputy David Lidington also came out for Rory yesterday. Regular Remainer rebels including Ken Clarke, Dominic Grieve, Nicholas Soames, Antoinette Sandbach and Caroline Spelman have all lined up behind Rory as well, he’s yet to win backing from a single Brexiteer. Not exactly a representative cross-section of the Tory Party…

Rory’s trousered over £50,000 in the last few weeks including £10,000 from Russian Hedge Fund manager Lev Mikheev, £10,000 from Khaled Said, son of Saudi political fixer Wafic Said, and £5,000 from Edwina Snow, wife of Remainer snowflake Dan. A handsome war chest for Team Rory to play with, if they can make it through this week…

Social media support: Rory’s eccentric social media game needs little introduction, it has achieved levels of cut-through most of his rivals can only dream of. Rory’s personal Twitter following has rocketed up to 169k in recent weeks while he has a moderate Facebook following of 15k. He’s even got more Instagram followers than Insta-queen Liz Truss…
Mainstream media support: Pretty much every non-Tory in the media…
ConservativeHome members survey: 16.33% (2nd)
PaddyPower odds: 8/1 (2nd)

Raab Comes Out Fighting, Saj Cries Foul Over Stewart

Despite ConHome’s latest survey showing Dominic Raab beating everyone but Boris in runoffs with the Tory membership, Raab is one of the candidates who’ll be sitting least comfortably when the second round votes come in tonight. He’s come out fighting with a new video showcasing his karate skills and other parts of his backstory. Team Raab say they are quietly confident but the Boris bandwagon has left Raab struggling to get the numbers…

The issue for Brexiteers is that if Raab gets knocked out, the further the debate will get pulled towards the Remain side of the argument. Boris will be fending off Remain-framed attacks on the merits or otherwise of no deal, rather than debating how best to deliver Brexit by October 31st in any circumstances…

Sajid Javid is the other candidate glancing most nervously over his shoulder, his campaign supremo Nick King has taken the unusual step of publicly calling out Rory Stewart’s campaign for trying to poach his supporters. Can Stewart succeed in stuffing Saj or will his media-friendly antics flop among the one audience that actually matters right now, Tory MPs…

How Rory-Mania Could Lead To Boris’ Coronation

Boris Johnson could become Prime Minister tomorrow, thanks to Rory Stewart, obviating the need to go to any public hustings. The 1922 Committee’s new threshold rules mean that any candidate who gets fewer than 33 votes tomorrow is automatically eliminated from the contest, meaning if all but Boris fail to meet the threshold, he becomes PM. There is a real (if small) chance that due to Rory’s disruption, Hunt and Gove could slip back a little and other candidates not gain enough new supporters for an accidental coronation to happen…

Guido’s tracker of public declarations shows that Jeremy Hunt and Michael Gove are both sitting on just on 34 public declarations, meaning Rory only has to attract two public switchers from each for neither to reach the 33 vote cut off. Among Gove’s declared backers are uber-Remainers Claire Perry and Oliver Letwin. Among Hunt’s are Amber Rudd and Greg Clark. All four could switch ship if they are keen to ensure Rory makes it into Tuesday night’s BBC debate, accidentally knocking out Gove and Hunt…

Even going by non-public votes from last round, Hunt would have to lose just eleven, and Gove just five MPs to fall below the vital threshold. Assuming a full turnout, Boris would only need to take 153 votes, for every other candidate to rest on 32, and an accidental coronation to take place…

50% of Tory Members Think Rory Would Make a Poor Leader

77% of Tory members think Boris would make a good leader…

MPs backing Boris will be pleased to see that Tory voters agree with members. In fact Boris is the only candidate who commands a positive net approval rating. Something that will perhaps surprise those avid for Javid.

Rory is the only candidate who has a negative approval rating from Tory members…

Rory-Mania Sees Punters Make Him Second Favourite

As Rory-mania grips the remainstream media and the country goes wild for him after he proposed setting up his own parliament, punters have flocked to back him, slashing his odds. Hundreds of thousands of pounds have been staked on him overnight making his implied probability of becoming Prime Minister 7%. Get your money on quick so Guido can take it off you….

30 Second Pitches: Gove, Hunt, Stewart, Javid, Raab

  • Gove – I’m a serious candidate for serious times
  • Hunt – I can be trusted to deliver
  • Stewart – I’m an honest and trustworthy outsider
  • Javid – I’m an outsider who looks like modern Britain
  • Raab – I’m the only one here committed to Brexiting on October 31

Boris tells them all, see you next Tuesday…

Who’s Backing Who: Disruptive Rory Makes Some Gains

With 7 out of 10 MPs having declared their preferences, Rory has managed post debate to nab 2 of Matt Hancock’s previous backers. Rory has, as Katy Balls points out, disrupted Hancock’s hopes, messed up Hunt’s strategy and given Boris hating MPs an alternative to Gove. Despite Rory having the fewest MP backers the betting markets currently make Rory second favourite

UPDATE: Matt Hancock is backing Boris.

View the full list here:

Get in touch with any updates…

Rory’s Bizarre Marr Interview

Rory Stewart’s Macron/Messiah complex grew this morning in an extraordinary interview on Marr. In the course of ten minutes, Rory…

  • Declared he is the only candidate who can get the UK out of the EU.
  • Announced that every single MP would join him in an impromptu parallel legislature in Methodist Central Hall if a future PM did an Attlee and prorogued Parliament.
  • Flip flopped to say he would refuse to serve in a Boris cabinet, despite maintaining he wants to reach out to Nigel Farage and “bring him in.” 
  • Said that if Parliament doesn’t pass May’s deal on a fourth attempt, he will bypass democracy to set up a scientifically determined and appointed ‘Citizens Assembly’ of 50,000 people phoned up to join televised sessions to make the decision for them. We have a democratically selected citizens assembly, it is called the House of Commons.
  • Binned his ‘clean campaign pledge’ to not indulge in personal attacks, to launch personal attacks, claiming that “there are too many people trying to be polite.”

Rory complains that Brexiteers are threatening to bypass parliament if the EU refuses to negotiate a better deal, yet his core big idea is to bypass parliament with his phoned in Citizens Assembly.

He’s in danger of joining the Brexit-driven descent into derangement travelled by the Adonises and Chapmans of this world…

UPDATE: This follows yesterday’s live stream from a cafe. What Guido most enjoyed about his live stream from a cafe is the staff and customers, in a very English way, ignoring the man talking to himself in the corner:

The waitress in the background just carried on wiping down tables. Guido imagined her telling the cook behind the counter

“He says he wants to be the bloody Prime Minister, looks like he could do with a feed if you ask me. Only ordered a cup of tea. Seems harmless enough.”

You just know that the kid is thinking “Don’t make eye contact, must not make eye contact…”.

Guido feels Rory isn’t getting much critical scrutiny. People have heard things like he was in Afghanistan – as a civil servant. That he tutored the Royal princes – for 2 weeks and admits he had to be extracted from a secure safe room at Highgrove by axe-wielding security officers after he locked himself in one night. He did PPE at Oxford – and didn’t get a first. His name is not really Rory – it is Roderick. Someone who knows him well described his defining talent as the Old Etonian ability to “sound convincing without expertise”. He is not even doing that with his flip-flopping and frankly eccentrically bonkers campaign…

Rory’s Twitter-Filled Pitch to Tory Associations

Rory Stewart has sent a booklet to Tory Associations, arguing his energy will make the UK “fairer, greener, and more united.” Rory has faced accusations of plagiarism from Andrea Leadsom, but the content is quite unique. Ten per cent of the content pages are just ‘A selection of tweets that Rory Stewart has received’, mostly from people who will never vote Conservative, whilst the rest preach the merits of compromise. Rumours are Rory has a whole 20 supporters – enough to survive today’s vote but not enough to survive beyond Tuesday, we will find out shortly…

Rory Stewart Jumps to Second Place With Tory Members

Looks like Rory Stewart’s ‘unique’ style of campaigning hasn’t done him too much harm, he’s managed an improbable jump into second place in the latest ConHome leadership survey. He’s still going to need at least another eight votes if the fun is going to continue. He tells The Sun he is still “one or two votes short”…

Raab and Gove have both been pushed down a place and fall under 10% for the first time in months, Hunt has closed the gap slightly while the Saj has managed to put a bit of distance between himself and the remaining candidates. Hancock looks to have cleared the 16-vote bar with George Freeman’s switch from Gove yesterday, the other three all have work to do. The membership won’t be too distraught either way, it’s just 2% for McVey and Leadsom while Hancock and Harper don’t even muster 1%…

It’s all a bit academic anyway, these are all molehills compared to Boris Johnson’s towering peak – breaking the 50% mark for the first time. His smooth launch yesterday failed to offer any kind of gamechanging gaffe his rivals need to dent his imposing lead. It’s increasingly starting to look like a race for second place…

Rory Stewart Will Destroy the Conservative Party

On the day that he launches his leadership campaign we learn that a Conservative Party led by Rory Stewart would be destroyed, he is an existential threat to the Tories being an electoral force and the party under his leadership would be reduced to 51 seats – less than the Liberal Democrats would win. According to pollsters ComRes, only one leadership candidate  will win a majority, Boris Johnson. Boris will smash Corbyn and win the Tories a 140 seat majority…

Iain Nails Rory

Iain Martin on Rory….

“..he is behaving like a Tory Zoella YouTube twit. In a year’s time it’ll look embarrassing.”

Rory on Opium

The Tory leadership race’s resident gap yah kid opened up on his experience smoking opium in Iran this morning. He sad it was a “very stupid mistake” and he “shouldn’t have done it.” A delicious mistake, so easy to make….

The ASI’s Daniel Pryor has been quick out of the blocks with a response:

“Over 12,000 Brits are in prison for drug offences, but it’s one rule for politicians and another for the rest of us. Rory Stewart’s opium experience is nothing new – countless senior politicians have admitted to using illicit drugs, but this hasn’t translated into a sensible approach to drug policyPoliticians should spend less time apologising for taking drugs and more time sensibly regulating them.”


Cleverly’s “Selfie” Surprise

Props to James Cleverly for his cheeky send-up of the Rory Stewart ‘selfie’ genre. Watch to the end…

Where’s Rory?

Can you find the wandering Tory?

Hat-tip: @itsharrythomas

Stewart Reveals Selfie Fibs

Unlikely meme-machine and leadership candidate Rory Stewart has revealed all to Kay Burley after Guido inquired about his mysterious floating camera that had been raising so many questions. It turns out Guido’s artist’s impression was bang on…

Rory Stewart’s Mysterious Floating Camera

Unlikely Tory leadership contender and former Labour member Rory Stewart has been busy touring London, asking people to pop over and ask him questions. He spent his bank holiday Monday wandering around Borough Market and Barking where he showed off his language skills and earned multiple comparisons to a Grindr user looking to meet strangers in public. Props to him for effort…

His latest attempt to engage random members of the public was a foray into Kew Gardens (entry £16.50), where he appears to be pretending to hold a camera in front of him, like a real selfie-taking man of the people. Guido at first thought he could own a flashy gyroscopic stabiliser to account for the remarkable stability of the video compared to his erratic arm movements. Further forensic investigation reveals that he can’t be holding it at all as his hand appears several times in the video. So who was holding the camera..?


Rory is the New Ruth

Ian Leslie says

“Rory Stewart is the new Ruth Davidson – the Tory who appeals to everyone except Tories.”

Rory Has a Backer!

Amidst rumours that Rory Stewart’s campaign is a ruse, that he is in fact on a suicide mission to attack and destroy the chances of “no deal Brexit” candidates we bring news that he finally has the public backing of one MP:

[…] Read the rest


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