Not So Smart, Meter


The Chairman of the Competition and Markets Authority, Roger Witcomb, claimed on the Today Programme that the nationwide smart meter roll-out will make it easier for people to switch energy supplier:

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“I think one of the great steps forward will be the introduction of smart meters, which will allow people to know exactly what they are consuming at any time. It will make switching much easier because one of the problems with switching is that we have rather primitive metering systems at the moment, so before you can switch you need to have a meter reading. If you can find your meter.”

Oddly, Witcomb failed to mention the DECC cock up that has allowed energy suppliers to install smart meters in their customers homes that are not compatible with their competitors. This means that if a customer decides to switch supplier, their smart meter will lose its functionality and only operate as a ‘primitive metering system’.

Watt a shocking oversight…

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