Quentin Upsets BBC’s Greens


Quentin Letts has really upset the Climate Alarmism lobby, chief among them Dick Black, the former BBC science and environment correspondent who now works for the grandly styled Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit – a propaganda website funded by rich Green philanthropists. According to Dick Black’s inevitable “why-oh-why” Guardian article, Quentin’s worst crime was laughing at the Met Office in breach of BBC guidelines…

Quentin’s crime was exacerbated because it was a programme he made for BBC Radio 4, “What’s the point of the… Met Office? which gently criticised the Met Office for lobbying MPs on Climate Change. The twitter lynch mob seems to have been led by Roger Harrabin, Dick Black’s successor as the BBC’s climate alarm correspondent.

As a result of Harrabin and friends causing a stink, there will now be an internal BBC “Feedback” inquest into Quentin’s programme. Quentin is away on holiday, so sadly can not take part, but his cardinal sin appears to have been failing to show proper belief in Climate Change. One of the voices he used was Piers Corbyn (brother of Jeremy), who is sceptical about the outlandish claims of the “we’re all going to die” lobby. Others were Peter Lilley and Graham Stringer. Guido suspects the Feedback process will be like a show trial from the Maoist China days but all this kerfuffle will only serve to highlight that the Met Office has been getting distinctly political, lobbying MPs and pushing the Climate Change orthodoxy. This may catch the eye of the minister responsibe for the Met Office and its fat-cat executives – Sajid Javid. Should Saj not now look at the future of the Met Office and see if its budgets can be trimmed so that it returns to the core mission of predicting the weather rather than political lobbying? 

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BBC BIAS: Paris Climate Week Special

bbc green bias

Climate Week Paris is upon us and the BBC are going into overdrive. Environment analyst Roger Harrabin is leading the charge…

In an article today, Harrabin slavishly turns a comment by Unilever Chief executive Paul Polman into a slobbering 700 word quasi-editorial, unquestioningly repeating Polman’s assertion that Unilever has faced business costs that were €300m-to-€400 million higher than normal due to extreme weather.

Then, in an effort to remain fair and balanced, Harrabin informed readers that other business people don’t share Polman’s views with a classic oil-barons-own-politics smear.

“But for every CEO who makes promises in Paris this week, others will warn against a rush away from CO2. America’s fossil fuel giants, the Koch Brothers, are spending $900 million on political advertising to make their case.”

In fact the Koch’s aren’t spending $900 million on anything – they are part of a group of 300 donors who plan to spend that amount on next years presidential race.. as do the other side.

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