Wakeford Had 4-Hour Dinner with Tory Colleagues on Eve of Defection

Christian Wakeford’s defection to the Labour Party yesterday surprised just about everyone, including his closest former colleagues. Multiple sources have confirmed to Guido that on Tuesday evening, Wakeford attended a cheery 4-hour dinner with Tory MPs Andrew Stephenson, Chris Clarkson, Sara Britcliffe, and Robbie Moore at Stephenson’s house – and didn’t tell them a word about his plans for the next day.

Despite secretly meeting with Sir Keir Starmer on Monday, Wakeford kept shtum for the entire evening with his then-colleagues, blindsiding them as he joined the Labour benches at PMQs. In fact, Wakeford’s office manager only reached out to Downing Street 15 minutes before Boris stood up in the Chamber…

As expected, Wakeford’s now ex-colleagues are furious, with one reportedly calling him “a c*nt” after hearing the news. Although the best reaction still goes to Lee Anderson…

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Lee Anderson: “Lazy Politicians Need Locking Up” Over Grooming Gang Scandal

Away from the noise of the Budget, earlier this week Conservative MP Robbie Moore led a Commons debate on child sexual exploitation across Bradford, calling for a “Rotherham-style inquiry” into the scandal and claiming it had been “swept under the carpet” by the local authorities. Although the debate only attracted small number of MPs – none of the three Labour MPs for Bradford bothered to appear, despite two previously claiming they would – there was one booming voice lending his support to Moore’s campaign: the Honourable Member for Ashfield, Lee Anderson. Asking Moore to give way twice so he could give the Chamber a piece of his mind, Anderson said:

“The only way that we know the full scale of these vile crimes in Bradford is for a full Rotherham-style… investigation, and would he also agree with me that certain local politicians on the council, and the mayor, should hang their heads in shame.”

“Once this inquiry takes place, and we get to the bottom of this, and these grooming gangs are put away where they rightly belong in prison, then the next call will be these lazy politicians – and they need locking up too.”

Even Moore sounded a bit surprised by Lee’s fury…

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