Rape-Accused MP Will Be Able to Vote Tonight, Roberts and Warburton Will Not Be Getting Whip Back

Guido speculated out loud this morning whether the Tory MP arrested for rape would be able to vote in the leadership election – given he hasn’t had the whip withdrawn, just told to stay away from the estate. Proxy votes are available…

Guido’s now had it confirmed by the whips’ office that he will be able to vote, and only members without the whip will be precluded from participation. In other words, just Rob Roberts and David Warburton. 

It wasn’t long ago that Theresa May was stupid enough to give Charlie Elphicke the whip back so he could support her in the 2018 leadership election. The whips’ office has assured Guido that Roberts and Warburton will not be handed the same luxury this time around… 

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Rob Roberts Has The Blues

While it may not be great, he’s a better singer than he is an MP…

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Rob Roberts Back as Tory Party Member from Monday

Rob Roberts – who sexually harassed a male and female staff member, was suspended from the house for six weeks and lost the party whip – was dealt a final blow in September when his Conservative membership was suspended for 12 weeks. Guido’s double checked with the party and, for some inexplicable reason, his suspension is still set to end on Monday. They were keen to emphasise he will remain whipless…

As a party member, the disgraced MP will have access to both local and national social events with other members, and would be able to attend future Tory conferences. CCHQ has already been heavily criticised for not taking complaints against members seriously. His readmission to the party will only add salt to the wound…

One angry former staffer tells Guido:

“It’s very concerning that even after a Parliamentary suspension an individual who causes so much concern amongst young Tories and fellow MPs alike is allowed back into the party giving him access to a wide range of people”. 

Will Rob be stupid enough to try braving the Tory social scene from next week?

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MPs to Finally Close Rob Roberts Recall Loophole Today

MPs will finally get the opportunity today to close the Rob Roberts recall loophole that saw the Delyn MP escape justice prior to the Summer recess. Co-conspirators will remember that had Roberts been suspended for the length of time he was by the Standards Committee, he would have been subject to a ballot of constituents who could have kicked him out. An oversight in the newer Independent Expert Panel (IEP) procedure – ironically the mechanism for dealing with the most serious behavioural complaints – meant that MPs sanctioned to suspension by the panel were not able to face recall. The government’s new rules will change this.

The government’s amendment to the IEP standing orders, however, will not be retrospective, meaning unless Roberts were to be subject to a second suspension arising from a new and separate behavioural complaint, he won’t be eligible for recall. Labour has put down an amendment seeking to make the change retrospective and ensare Roberts. Guido thinks a retrospective law ex post facto is a bad law. Labour tried this same amendment back in July, however as it was a motion not a debate the amendment resulted in the government’s proposals being canned, having to bring them back a second time. By close of play today, this absurd procedural anomaly will be done and dusted…

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Rob Roberts’s Office Denies Vandalism Attack was Targeted

Rob Roberts’s office has officially denied that the vandalism attack against his constituency office was targeted. According to the office, CCTV footage from the over the weekend shows men fighting near the office before kicking and smashing the office door. Several other businesses were allegedly vandalised during the fight…

Rob Roberts – the recently disgraced MP for Delyn – posted on Facebook that the crime had been “reported to the police”, and “criminal damage is NOT acceptable [and] the actions [of the vandals] are reckless and dangerous”. Rob’s one MP who is happy that there’s CCTV at their office… 

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Retrospective Rule Changes to Force Rob Roberts By-Election Very Unlikely

It seems like the chances of forcing a by-election in Delyn to depose disgraced MP Rob Roberts are now approaching nil. At Commons’ leader questions this morning, Jacob Rees-Mogg was once again forced to rely on asking Roberts to do the decent thing and resign, after a procedural loophole meant his six-week suspension wasn’t greeted by an automatic recall petition. Responding to the ongoing standards crisis, Thangam Debbonaire told the press:

“To be suspended from the House for six weeks but not automatically be subject to the Recall Act shows the system is not fit for purpose, nor offering adequate protection and support for staff. 

“This MP should do the decent thing and resign. But for as long as the Government leave the loophole in place, they are aiding and abetting his evasive strategy. Labour will use every device available to Parliament to close the loophole.” 

On Monday, the House of Commons Commission met to discuss the Rob Roberts problem. Whilst Rees-Mogg remains committed to closing the loophole – preferably via a non-legislative route – Guido understands any attempts to apply retrospective measures are a non-starter, given fears it would undermine the independence of the Independent Expert Panel – something seen as essential for achieving long-lasting culture change. Staffers can now look forward to the return of Rob Roberts in two weeks’ time…

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