Guess the Anonymous Twitter Account: MP Edition

After Guido’s multiple exposés on Rob Roberts’ behaviour finally made their way into the mainstream media, the gaffe-prone MP for Delyn deleted his social media. Recently, a parody account of the MP got in touch with Guido after his suspicions were raised upon repeatedly seeing one anonymous username attacking him on Twitter – @Joe26806114. Guido’s had a look through ‘Joe”s Tweets and can’t help noticing almost all his Tweets are directed at the Rob Roberts parody account and the Delyn Labour Party branch; as well as repeated defences of Boris and attacking the Welsh Labour government.

What do readers reckon? Rob’s not known for his cunning and subtlety

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Rob Roberts’ Parliamentary Wikipedia Edits

A couple of hours after the BBC ran their Rob Roberts story yesterday, an anonymous change was made to Robert’s Wikipedia page from the Houses of Parliament IP address. You’ll never guess what recently-added section had been erased…

Guido can’t pin the edit on Rob, though he does have a history of editing his own Wikipedia page. From April to June, three changes by “RJR79” were made to the page of Robert Joseph Roberts (born 1979), before being publically warned that “editing an article about oneself is a common mistake”. Rob must have been very busy doing something, however: he forgot to turn up for his Women & Equalities question this morning…

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Rob Roberts’ Researcher Left Office After Just 20 Days

Guido’s pleased to see the Lobby finally picking up on the Rob Roberts saga, first reported on this website two months ago. Today’s BBC’s report added little to story Guido readers didn’t already know.

While the official Parliamentary investigation into the Delyn MP is ongoing, one fact omitted from the story so far is the young male staffer involved in an incident – which the Chief Whip had to intervene over – was none other than Roberts’ own senior Parliamentary Researcher. Rob’s advances on his researcher first began in the MP’s car while driving through his constituency, just minutes before arriving back at home to his daughter and wife. Ten days after the young man started working for him…

The BBC reports that Rob asked the staffer out “to dinner”. It wasn’t merely a dinner request that led his researcher to stop going into work a further ten days after his boss’ first leering advance..

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Parliament Begins Formal Investigation into Rob Roberts

On the day MPs take to the Commons to debate the new proposed complaints system for MPs accused of harassment and other misconduct, Guido understands Parliament’s Complaints and Standards body have take the decisive step to instigate a formal investigation into the behaviour of Rob Roberts.

A month ago Guido revealed that one serious incident with a parliamentary staffer had resulted in the Chief Whip intervening with Roberts, and that the incident had been raised with Parliament’s Independent Complaints body. After a consultation by the Standards Commissioner, the ombudsman has concluded a formal investigation will go ahead, and has set the wheels in motion. Guido understands Parliament’s top brass have been appalled by the allegations piling up against mid-life crisis Bob…

Guido also learns Tory staffers are lobbying their bosses behind the scenes to back Andrea Leadsom’s amendment to tonight’s complaints reform debate; which would scrap the planned debates of complaints in the Commons chamber to “ensure confidentiality” and prevent victimisation. The current plans include a ban on MPs speaking the name of their complainant on the floor of the house, however staffers are fearful that parliamentary privilege would supersede this rule…

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Rob Roberts Reviews his Colleagues

A good rule of thumb after being selected a parliamentary candidate is to go through your social media and at least prune out controversial Tweets, if not blanket delete them all just to be safe. At the weekend, Rob Roberts switched his old account, ‘@TransparentRob‘, to private after Owen Jones called out old Tweets describing David Lammy “the most racist politician in Britain”. Luckily, Guido managed to comb through all 5 year’s worth before he made the change…

Rob’s blunt colleague reviews include:

  • Dominic Raab“another politician in it for himself instead of the National interest. Shame on you.”
  • Michael Gove: Time to stand up, be counted and finally show some loyalty”
  • Andrew Bridgen: “back-stabbing, politicking, conniving… increasingly becoming a complete disgrace”
  • Robert Courts: #anothernobody”

In 2018 he also TweetedThanks a lot “Call me Dave” Cameron. You have screwed everyone over.” Sentiments he presumably didn’t repeat when recently using David Cameron to try and solicit dates with a young Tory activist…

The emergence of these less-than-diplomatic feelings will no doubt leave Rob Roberts red-faced the next time he visits Parliament’s Tea Room. Though he may want to steer clear of the Tea Room for a while, as Guido is told his North Wales colleagues have been overheard there plotting how to steal Tory wards from the gaffe-prone MP’s constituency during the boundary review…

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Bob Roberts Apologises for Asking Young Female Staffer to Come to His Flat for “Fun Times”

Bob Roberts has apologised “for any offence caused” after Guido confronted him with WhatsApp texts sent to a female staffer half his age, in which he invited her round to his taxpayer-funded London pad for “fun times”. The staffer described the sexual messages as “grim”… 

When Roberts used International Day Against Homophobia to come out, Guido celebrated the MP’s bravery and truthfulness. It came as a surprise therefore that Bob hasn’t just been directing his sexual energy only towards young men since his election. As he texted the young female aide, “I might be gay but I enjoy … fun times. 😀”

Guido’s already uncovered that Rob’s behaviour towards another staffer resulted in “lots of drama” with the Chief Whip, and imagines these new messages, proposing “if you’re single and I’m single and you just want to fool around with no strings, you might come and visit me in London. Just for some fun, if you wanted to” won’t help get the Delyn MP back in the whips’ good books.

The researcher tells Guido the messages were shocking, given she “was under the illusion that he was gay… He kept going on about it, and he was still married”:

“I felt disgusted reading them – I felt like I was put in a corner and couldn’t say no bc I’d risk my job or anything in Westminster… I felt like a sex object”

When confronted with the messages, Roberts told Guido, “Over the past few months I have been dealing with some personal matters that have affected my mental health and clouded my judgement. During this period, I have made some mistakes and I apologise for any offence caused.”

In other developments, the Tory youth group Blue Beyond last night informed supporters they are cutting ties with the MP, after Guido revealed he used a David Cameron endorsement of the group in an effort to secure dates with its 27-year-old founder Luke Robert Black. He’s already developed a nickname: ‘the Jared O’Mara of the Conservative Party’…

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